It's been a good season for Travis Rice. First his Art Of Flight film project got released to general acclaim, then his Supernatural contest came together at Baldface, and now he's gone and won the bloody thing.

The living legends of backcountry freestyle answered Travis' call, and before long he'd put together a dream line-up. Devun Walsh, Nicolas Müller, Jake Blauvelt, Gigi Rüf, DCP, John Jackson - if anyone could make head or tail of the seriously daunting course, surely these guys could?

It wasn't all grizzly powder-hounds, though. Certain triple-corkers were put firmly in their place by the unforgiving pow landings, only to step up and take on the same hits with greater confidence and better results. Good to see them turn down definite podium contention at the Insbruck Air & Style to give this a go.

In the end Trice held off Nico and Gigi to take the top spot, and even a double-cork from John Jackson couldn't catch him. Before anyone shouts 'Fix!', the other riders were quick to praise Travis for a well-earned win.

All in all, it looks like the hugely ambitious project went off without a hitch. Transworld have some sick photos, and Curt Morgan and the Brain Farm team shot the whole thing with their vast array of cameras. The extended highlights will be shown on American telly at the end of March, so here's hoping it gets shown over here too, or at least thrown up online. Expect an epic!