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If you’re yet to be initiated into the world of fridge riding, here’s a look at where you can defy the lack of British snow and ride park all year round. [part title='Sno!Zone Milton Keynes']

In & Out Milton Keynes_13 Andy Nudds

The fact that the Milton Keynes shapers have their own blog is a hint of their dedication. Each week MK conjures up a new setup good enough to pull in some of the UK’s best riders. Whether you’re just getting a feel for the park or fancy yourself as a jib king, there's something for everyone, with a separate rookie area alongside the main bigger park setup. Look out for Parkstrife nights popping up each month, with live bands, giveaways and a pimped up park setup, all for a specially priced 5 hour pass!

Freestyle sessions:

Thursday & Friday 7pm - 11pm


2 hour session - £27.99

4 hour session - £37.99


4th October 2013

1st November 2013

6th December 2013

[part title='The Snowdome Tamworth']

Ross Needham sessions Tamworth

Tamworth lays claim to being "the spiritual home of the UK freestyle scene". Whether that’s entirely true or not is debatable, but get a piece of the Tamworth vibe at one of their freestyle nights and see for yourself. For a mellower mid week session, head down to ‘Board Stiff’ on a Tuesday night to ride a mixture of kickers, rails and jib features. Or if you’re after something a little more upbeat check out ‘Fresh’ on a Saturday night. This is when Tamworth brings out the best of their park features and it's usually a pretty lively night with music and a late night bar. Tempt yourself by checking out the park plans here.

Freestyle sessions:

Board Stiff - Tuesday 8.30pm - 12am

Fresh - Saturday 10pm - 1.30am


3 ½ hour session - £36

[part title='Sno!Zone Castleford']


Being the northern relative of Milton Keynes, Sno!Zone Castleford is equally pushing the freestyle scene, with park sessions running on both a Thursday and Friday night. You can check out their park plans here each week to get an idea of what to expect. As with Milton Keynes, keep an eye out for Parkstrife each month when you can session the park five hours straight at the tidy price of £37.99.

With the introduction of the Flowrider, Castleford Xscape has become the ‘triple threat’ of action sports, so if you're feeling particularly active you can now surf (in the loosest sense of the word), skate and snowboard all within a few metres of each other.

Freestyle sessions:

Thursday & Friday from 7pm


2 hour session - £27.99

4 hour session - £37.99


25th October 2013

29th November 2013

13th December 2013

[part title='The Snow Centre Hemel Hempstead']


Just a stone’s throw from London, Hemel is the city dweller’s go to for a snow fix. With support on hand, the Thursday night progression session is a great confidence booster if you’re still getting to grips with rails and kickers. Once you’ve got that sussed, head down on a Friday from 6.30pm to really push yourself on the bigger features and full park setup. Prepare yourself for what’s in store for both sessions by checking out the weekly park setup here.

Freestyle Sessions:

Thursday 6pm - 10pm

Friday 6.30pm - 11pm


2 hour session - £36

4 hour session - £46

[part title='Sno!Zone Braehead']


Coming in at 168m long, Braehead claims the title as the UK's largest indoor slope. The only dome in Scotland, it has spawned some hot UK talent in its time and a session here could see you riding the Poma with the likes of badass rail riders Orla Doolan and Matt McCormick. Keep an eye on the Braehead Facebook page for the weekly park plans.

Freestyle sessions:

Thursday & Friday from 7pm


4 hour session - £31

[part title='Chillfactore Manchester']

chillfactore park battle

The Chillfactore might only have freestyle sessions bi-weekly, but once it’s on, it’s on, with three sessions in just one week. Fridays are the main event with the whole slope set aside for a full park layout. You can keep tabs on what they’ve got in store by checking out their elaborate park plans here.

Freestyle nights:


Wednesday 4pm - 10pm

Thursday 6pm - 1pm

Friday 6pm - 10pm


2 hour session - £25.00

4 hour session - £30.00