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Lowbster Freestyle Snowboard 2014-2015

Halldor and Eiki Helgason's snowboard (or snowbaord) brand is always one of the more popular brands each year. With Bataleon's Triple Base Tech (TBT) and some of the craziest/weirdest/grossest graphics going, get a load of the basic models that will be available for the 2014/15 season.

[part title="Lobster Snowboards Freestyle Baord 2014-2015"]

Lowbster Freestyle Snowboard 2014-2015

First up is the freestyle baord, designed for all-mountain shredding. Graphics wise it ranks on the all time Helgasons ever-expanding list of terrible, offensive graphics; the sales rep helpfully pointed out the rose with an AK and the teddy bear with a boner 'because he is in bed with the kids all the time.' And that's only the topsheet, you can see the base in the video below.

[part title="Lobster Snowboards Park Baord 2014-2015"]

Lobster Park Baord Snowboard 2014-2015

Next year's park baord graphics look a little tame, but we were assured that the 'special edition' would be next level filth. Alas, no one's aloud to peep that just yet.

Lobster Park Baord Snowboard Base 2014-2015

[part title="Lobster Snowboards Jib Baord 2014-2015"]

Lobster Jib Baord Snowboard 2014-2015

It's the same story with the jib baord, top secret offensive-ness, but check out the flex this beast has in the video below.

Lobster Jib Baord Base Snowboard 2014-2015

[part title="Lobster Snowboards Kid's Baord 2014-2015"]

Lobster Kids Baord Snowboard 2014-2015

And finally, no snowboard brand could really lay claim to being the most offensive ever with out marketing to kids too. Thank god they toned it down here...

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