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As a rule of thumb, you can't go wrong with a good graphic t-shirt. Or can you?

Navigating through the swathes of comedy t-shirts out there can be treacherous business. Choose the wrong one and you'll end up looking like an awkward American dad. There are plenty of terrible, cringeworthy slogans and ridiculous puns you could easily end up going home with.

Then there's always the question of how ballsy do you go. After all, that t-shirt with your favourite penis pun might not go down so well at Sunday lunch with the parents.

We've pulled a couple of rad humourous tees that have caught our eye. They might not quite as epic as those sported by Rhys Ifans in Notting Hill (above) but they're not far off....

[part title="Bataleon Camel Toe T-Shirt"]


Kicking off with classic Bataleon graphic as featured on their Camel Toe Limited Edition board. There's no doubt you'll turn heads repping this tee. Saying that, you're also about as likely to pull in the Camel Toe as you would wearing an 'I Love Fucking in Austria' shirt.

BUY IT HERE: bataleon.com

[part title="Element Jack T-Shirt"]


BUY IT AT: surfdome.com

[part title="Forum F' It T-Shirt"]


An oldie but a goodie, this t-shirt features a classic graphic from the 2010 Forum film, F' It. It's bold, it's black and white - what more do you want? And there's nothing like an ill-hidden swear word to make you stand out in a crowd. We'll be wearing it and shedding a tear in memory of an epic snowboard brand.

BUY IT AT: ss20.com

[part title="Lib Tech Huge Balls T-Shirt"]


We couldn't go through a comedy t-shirt rundown without dropping a good ol' cock-and-balls graphic. Lib Tech have presented the world with this fine specimen complete with an actual banana. After all, chicks dig blatant balls references.

BUY IT AT: shrednbutter.com

[part title="Love Inc. Skiing Is Shit T-Shirt"]

Love Inc Skiing Shit

BUT IT AT: loveincsnowboardcompany.com

[part title="Tee Library The Reason Is Yellow T-Shirt"]


If you want to rock the cultural and like, totally intellectual vibe, then what better than a tee with Vincent Van Gogh's head on? It's not obviously comedic - and that's the beauty of it - just a notoriously nutty fella wearing a rad hat. Plus women actually really will dig this. Trust us.

BUY IT AT: surfdome.com

[part title="Vans Nana Pong T-Shirt"]

Vans Nana Pong Tee

Technically, the image of a granny playing beer pong shouldn't work. You can imagine the designer at Vans pitching this to his team. "Guys, I've got this great idea...." Yet somehow the clashing images work together in perfect harmony. Elderly people doing anything remotely modern bizarrely seems to produce graphic gold.

BUY IT AT: vans.co.uk

[part title="Huf Die Hippie Scum"]


There's no doubt that skate brands do graphic tees well - and Huf is no exception. We rate this jazzy number - a bold witty slogan and colours that are likely to burn the retinas of anyone staring directly at you.

BUY IT AT: hufworldwide.com