X Games 2013 Tignes – Men’s Slopestyle Finals – Live blog

Follow our live blog of the men’s X Games slopestyle finals minute by minute and run by run. Will Mark McMorris secure another X Games gold or will Torstein Horgmo boss it like he did in the semis?


So here are your final results:

1st – Sebastien Toutant

2nd – Mark McMorris

3rd – Peetu Piiroinen


Switch backside 270 on, 270 off. Cab 270 on 270 off. Cab 12 dub. Backside 14 triple. Backside 10 dub. Just puts his hand down and scores a 94. Only 1 point behind Seb Toots! A sick run but nowhere near as clean as Seb Toots’. The judges made the right call there. Toots is beaming from ear to ear and rightly so, that’s his first X Games gold medal and he’ll walk away with a phat paycheck as well.


It all comes down to this folks. Is there any way he can possibly step up his run? It’s already nigh-on perfect…

Let’s see.


Peetu uncharacteristically ass-checks on the third jump and with only Toots and McMorris left to drop, will definitely be on the podium. Toots doesn’t improve on his score of 95 and remains in poll position. With Torstein out of the picture only Mark can change the current standings.


Yes Willet! Puts down a banger of a run but only does enough for 4th place. No triple, no love, sadly. Meanwhile, Torstein is definitely looking injured and is getting his ankle wrapped and on ice.


Both Sage and Gjermund mess up their final runs. No change on the leaderboard.


The camera cuts away to a backstage shot of Torstein with his boot off and a guy gently caressing his leg. Looks like he picked up an injury on the last run… bummer. He’ll have to cheer himself up with cry-wank induced Horgasm later on.


No cigar for Stale Sandbech on his final run as he sits down on the landing of his triple cork. Chucks a rad little tamedog off the knuckle of the third jump. Believe it or not, there was a time when that was an impressive trick.


And here we are with the third and final runs. It’s gonna take quite something to beat Seb Toots’ run and we reckon only Torstein Horgmo and Mark McMorris have the potential to do so.


And cue the random infomercials.

Woah ESPN are getting all tech and showing the difference in take offs for Seb Toots and Mark McMorris’ triple corks! That’s actually pretty neat. Geek out!


Torstein certainly won’t be having any Horgasms over that run later. Goes for the triple but goes way too deep on the landing. He either needs to take some speed off in his final run or go for a back triple 1620. We’d rather the latter.


Roll on Torstein-you’ve-done-this-beforgmo…


Things finally come together for McMozza and he puts down his backside triple cork with those cat-like legs of his. It’s a beaut as well and only the second one stomped clean. With a score of 91 he doesn’t quite top Seb Toots but sits comfortably in second ahead of Peetu. He claims his run hard but resists the urge to hurl his helmet and snowboard at innocent spectators (we’re looking a you I-Pod).


Why are ALL of Mark McMorris’ runs preluded by lame infomercials? Surely there’s only so much you can say about a Canadian kid who is really really gooood at snowboarding (said in our best Derek Zoolander voice)? To be fair at least they aren’t Shaun White ones.


BOOM! Seb Toots stomps the best run of the day so far. Scores a whopping 95 for a run that included his hardway switch bs 270 on, cab 12 and surprise surprise, a bolts backside triple 1440. Now that’s gonna be hard to beat.


Peetu you actual legend. Solid rail section followed by three of the biggest kicker hits we’ve seen thus far. Dude lands past the halfway point on every single landing. He goes for a massive backside flat(ish) 1440 on the second hit but just scrubs the landing.


Does anyone else think that Eric Willet bears at least a passing resemblance to one of the Hansen brothers? No idea which one though. His run is looking good until his final hit, which he messes up on. Will be looking to stomp a clean one in his final run.


Gjermund Braaten puts down a banger of a run that includes a backside 12 on the final hit but sadly (we mean that), without a triple, it just won’t be enough. He doesn’t improve on his solid first run score and remains in 4th place. Looks pretty stoked with himself nevertheless and rightly so.


Stale sandwich drops in for his second run but messes up on one of the kickers. Come on Stale! Channel the power of Thor ffs, you weren’t born Norwegian for nothing. Sage Kotsenburg follows with a solid second run that includes his epic backside double cork Japan. We need more grab variations like that. Shake out a few extra herbs over your lunch on us.


We’re watching this on French Tv (with the sound off thank god) but if this was an American broadcast this is where we’d be learning how the American Navy are saving starving African Children and pumping money into cancer research…


And that’s a wrap on the first runs. Excuse us while we catch our breath…


And here comes our top qualifier Mr. Torstein Horgmo. Torstein always means business and today will be no exception. We guarantee it. Cab 270 450 off, switch back 9 and a backside triple cork 1440 that he isn’t quite able to hold onto. He sits down on the landing but is still able to crank out a steezy ass back 1 over the final kicker – a rare trick in this new triple corking shit-storm… He makes his intentions clear though. Is this evolving into a triple cork bro-down?


… and Toots run is enough for first place! Mark McMozza Morris is up next. He’ll surely be looking to add another X Games medal to his growing collection. His rail section is strong but doesn’t put enough huck in his second hit (a casual triple cork attempt) and isn’t able to bring it around to his feet.


Seb Toots opens up his run with a switch hardway backside 270 on. Ridiculously tech! He follows up with a cab 12, backside 10 double and frontside 10 double. Will it be enough for first? There was a slight hand drag on his last hit…


PEETU! Fookin’ sends it. Frontside 1260 stomped waaay down the landing. The man is quite simply, a boss. The judges know it too rewarding him with an 82 – enough for first place.


Curly-haired Mammoth Mountain meat hucker and Air and Style gold medallist Eric Willet tries to squeeze an extra 180 onto his switch back 10 but doesn’t quite get it round, scrubbing his speed and missing the final jump. Come on people, land!


Gjermund Braaten drops in and puts down cab double 9, frontside 10 and back 12 double. And with a score of 75 he takes the early lead.


Sage Kotsenburg is up next. He also sends it too deep on the first jump and gets an ass full of snow.


And we’re off! Stale drops in first and chucks a triple right off the bat! Bails but he’ll put it down in one of his next two runs for sure (he probably won’t know that we’ve calld it…). We knew there’d be triples but first rider, first run? Jeez…


We’ve literally just run in from the X Games slopestyle course here in beautiful Tignes where we were trying to keep up with Aimee Fuller on the course with a GoPro in our hand as she warmed up for the women’s finals a little later on. The sun is out, the course is in perfect condition and Mark McMorris was already chucking triples… It’s gonna get real fast folks. Unfortunately Jamie Nicholls didn’t make it through to today’s finals (he was robbed in our opinion) but it’s still promises to be a heck of an exciting one.

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