Trump Is Elected – The Snowboard World Reacts

The morning after the night before

They only went and did it, didn’t they? In what is the most surreal thing to happen in American politics since The Terminator became The Governor, Donald Trump – DONALD TRUMP! – has been elected President of the United States.

Predictably, given snowboarding’s centre of gravity is in North America and decidedly liberal, our internet feeds have been awash with grieving riders, photographers and assorted industry people. Here are a few of the saddest/wittiest/so-tragic-it’s-funniest reactions:


As a committed environmentalist, big mountain Jeremy was never going to be stoked on the news that a climate-change denier has gained entry to the Oval Office. In fact he cried genuine tears, as he explains in a from-the-heart reaction piece for TGR.

When you fall you get back up. It is what we do. It is what we have always done. Last night was a massive set back on climate change. A step that we do not have time to take. The fate now is in the hands of the Republicans. It is time to get the Republicans on board. Voting Republican should not mean voting against the planet. At last count, there were 11 elected Republicans that believe in man made climate change. We need to grow that number. We need to #depoliticizeclimatechange. We need #Republicans4Climate. ???? @gregvondoersten

A photo posted by Jeremy Jones (@jeremyjones) on


The green lobby heartbreak continued with Jeremy’s friends at POW.

What happened last night was sad and disappointing. Never did we seriously consider the possibility of a climate denier winning the presidency. We won’t sugar coat it. Historic initiatives such as the Paris Climate Agreement and the Clean Power Plan are now on life support. . So that’s the situation we have. But here’s the silver lining. While we’re all deeply disappointed, all of us at POW are more committed to our mission than ever before. And we hope you are, too. This fight has never been easy. We’ve had setbacks before and we’ll have them again, but it’s time now to think about keeping things moving forward despite the new, steeper landscape. Let’s do this, let’s roll up our sleeves, put things in perspective and get back to work. We aren’t going to just lay low for the next four years, there is no time for that. . The good news is that there are still many important wins to be had, at the state level, in our communities and in the private sector. We want to let you all know that there are paths forward and we’re exploring every one of them. . Though we came into the office this morning with heavy hearts, we were quickly reminded of the incredible community we have behind us. We want to let you know that we’re on this, you will play a very big role with us and we’re determined to fight like hell. . Thank you for all of your support. Onward, – The Protect Our Winters Team . PC: @andrew_miller

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Despite hailing from the reliably red state of Wyoming, Travis wasn’t exactly celebrating yesterday morning.

@ericyahnker nailed it. Hahaha- hey, hitting rock bottom can be the start of a new, bright future… Like an addict, change for the better can be forced out of desperation. Here's to never giving up willing a better tomorrow, today.

A photo posted by Travis Rice (@travisrice) on


Snowboarding’s favourite Jeep-driving earth mother was another one scrabbling around for a silver lining. All together now

Namaste . ???? @bahgsujewels

A photo posted by ॐ Jamie Anderson ॐ (@jamieanderson) on


You can rely on TR to keep us smiling…

We will have the best poses. Tremendous poses

A photo posted by Todd Richards (@btoddrichards) on

… though even Todd had to concede that we may just have entered the Twilight Zone.

Imagine if you will…

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Artist and Spring Break board shaper Corey Smith’s posts on the rise of Trump are amongst the most angry we’ve seen. This one, shortly before the vote, offered a translation of Donald’s famous slogan.

VOTE SLAVE! election2016 #vote #coreysmithphoto

A photo posted by Corey Smith (@coreysmithsimulacrum) on

With the result in, Corey thinks we’ve arrived at the wrong future.

The people have spoken! Let the sad joke begin… #election2016 #donaldtrump #biffworld #unfuckingbelievable

A photo posted by Corey Smith (@coreysmithsimulacrum) on


Regular X Games anchor Masakela is one of many black Americans fearing Trump’s racist undertones.

Don't get it twisted. #nevertrump (via @ottosteininger)

A photo posted by Selema Mabena Masekela (@salmasekela) on

Safe to say he was feeling pretty bleak yesterday morning.


A video posted by Selema Mabena Masekela (@salmasekela) on

But again, Sal is one of the many determined to see love conquer hate.

They think that love is weakness. We will prove otherwise. This is all I have to give and I will give till I am empty.

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Legendary shredder and Holden founder Mikey did his best to promote the Democrat cause over the last week.

Reasons: Love is non negotiable because it's not something we can know. But it is what makes this all exist. Some people want to make it "illegal" to love who you want… I know, it's sounds funny, so ridiculous to make the best thing we all could learn to enjoy even more, "illegal." ????Don't vote for fear and hate. And I know some of my most progressive friends are casting votes for third-party. I see your point…. but If this fool wins by a few points, you're are really going to regret that. If you really are that progressive and want to be heard and make an impact, why don't you go join a group, or a board in your town and do something locally. Be the change you want to see at home. Just sayin' ???? Art by @klyonsnatborn

A photo posted by Mike LeBlanc (@17is) on

Reasons: this one is a potential disaster for the world. Environment, women etc etc etc etc. These appointments sit for a LONG time. Make huge choices. Don't let your ego get in the way. Even if you don't like Hillary, which I don't much, this one is far bigger than that. They can set a tone and laws for a few generations. Think long term. Think outside yourself. @klyonsnatborn art I know some of you are for Trump. The climate denier. His camp is also ignorant of climate change. They think it's not real. Maybe he will make you more money short term. Maybe short term he will help you get more stuffs. Do you need more stuffs? Stuff makes no one happy. Love/ nature. That's happiness. Please consider the long term choices.

A photo posted by Mike LeBlanc (@17is) on

His latest post is enigmatic. We could be way off here but is that the sinister fat face of President-Elect Trump?

Just this.

A photo posted by Mike LeBlanc (@17is) on


Transworld’s senior photographer was feeling the burn.

Sorry I'm trying to keep it positive, but a once-in-a-lifetime candidate who could actually bridge the divide was sent packing because "it was her turn" #facepalm

A photo posted by Andy Wright (@fukin_a_wright) on


The Gnu shred called for a changing of the guard.

As long as the sun continues to shine I will have nothing but a positive outlook on this world, its impossible not to be so very disappointed right now. But let these feelings of anger empower you to make a change. We need to organize now more than ever. There is so much work that needs to be done and we're the generation to do it. Let the old racist, sexist, closed minded american dreamers die out and let's break down the white picket fence and create a world we want our grandchildren to live in. Today I turn 25 years old and it feels all to real. Stay up, get organized, we got this.

A photo posted by Human? (@forestbailey) on


The lodgegrit blog saw reason for snowboarding to be positive, in a “well Maggie Thatcher gave birth to punk” kind of way. If you haven’t seen the film he’s on about, by the way, check it out here.


Canuck Leanne didn’t get to vote but joined in the support for her disappointed friends in the lower 48.

As I sit here today thinking about what the heck happened to our beloved neighbors ???????? last night, it makes me realize that if there was something positive to move forward with, it would be to support and connect with your friends family and strangers to be able to feel more love and compassion ❤️. Maybe then we will be more connected to our beautiful earth ???? and have the confidence to not be driven by fear. Keep on charging and do more good. That's all I have to say. Love you all ????????????????????

A photo posted by leannepelosi (@leannepelosi) on


The Brits chipped in too. Here’s Lib Tech artist Schoph’s message to his American buddies.

Hold tight team USA. @asymbol #art #painting #schophart #rootedinlife

A photo posted by Schoph (@_schoph_) on


We’ll end with former WL ed and BBC presenter Mr Leigh, who proves laughter really is the best medicine.

Thank you @heroinskateboards "so we went from the first black president to the first orange president. This fool had better provide a birth certificate to prove he's not from loompa land" Laughing at him is helping.

A photo posted by Ed Leigh (@ed__leigh_) on

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