‘Defenders of Awesome’ – Capita Snowboards’ full trailer is here Maybe it’s a sign that we’re getting old, but we’d become quite attached to our routine. Specifically, the routine of watching a new teaser for Capita’s Defenders Of Awesome every Wednesday. From Scott Stevens’ three bangers back in June to Laura Hadar’s most recent effort, we always looked forward to a midweek release from one of Capita’s finest. Then last week… nothing! What, no Dan Brisse? No Cale Zima?

Luckily the guys have sorted it out for this week…. and then some. No more titillating three-trick edits; instead, we get a full-blown trailer with an ace sountrack, comedy nicknames and phenomenal riding. Dan and Cale are present and correct, as are T.J. Schneider, Dustin Craven and many more. The movie’s available to buy in the autumn.

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