Trick Tips

A Beginners’ Guide to Shredding in the Streets. It’s Not As Hard As You Think

This will be obvious to anyone who’s skateboarded in the UK before, but you’re not always going to be welcome. First of all, be smart; don’t hit up your local town hall’s steps on a Saturday afternoon, it’s just not going to happen. Choose spots that are out of the way of crowds of Joe Public, both in time and location.

And if you do get hassled, try and see things from their perspective; for security guards it’s literally their job to keep you off their property and for most people having a crew or balaclava-ed youths rocking up with shovels and blow torches might just set off some alarm bells.

It’s always best to be friendly and open about what you’re doing, if anything it’ll give people a good insight to what snowboarding is all about and at best it’ll get you another couple of hits before you’re sent packing. Now get out there and get shredding!

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