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15 of the Best Resorts to Ride Park 2013-14

15 of the Best Resorts to Ride Park 2013-14

Rachel Verity Rachel Verity

Top ParksIt wasn’t that long ago when a park was nothing more than the wistful musings of dedicated riders who put in the hard graft to build their own kickers. Thankfully these days most resorts have decent freestyle arenas. There are some though, that go the extra mile – it’s not totally uncommon to find 200 plus features, monster kicker lines and 22 ft super pipes.

If you’re into your freestyle and looking to book your winter break or head out on a season, it’s these resorts you want to head for. So we’ve compiled a helpful list of parks you should definitely make time to lap. Here is our pick of the parks for 2013-14.

  1. Martin

    Great article! (or whatever you call it) Been wondering about the actual contents in, and difference between all these great parks. Looking forward for the winter!

  2. Pete

    Can we have a “View all” button please. Reloading the page for each paragraph is annoying as hell :)

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