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Stale Sandbech

Stale Sandbech

Another shredding wünderkind hailing from the shores of Norway. Whilst still a tender 20 years young, he prefers to plunge and pillage the trophies of the World Snowboard Tour across the world instead of towns and villages across the UK like his ancestors of old… we know which we prefer.

As the winner of the Overall Men’s title for the 2011/12 season and a very respectable 2nd place in both the Big Air and Overall Men’s title for the 2012/13 season: he’s very quickly become a force to be reckoned with across the disciplines. His flat spins are some of the most stylish on the scene and he has a rail game to match.

Competing since 2001, he made an impact on the scene since the height of most peoples waists. He dropped into the infamous Arctic Challenge’s Quarterpipe in 2006 as a 13 year old and became an Olympian a mere 4 years later on the icy walls of Vancouver’s Halfpipe at 17. This made him the youngest Norwegian to compete at the Olympics in 82 years. Not bad considering most teens are still content sitting on various park benches across the land drinking Lambrini at that age.

As Alumni of the infamous Norges Toppidrettsgymnas of Geilo (or NTG for those of us that pronounce vowels), he’s fast becoming one of its most prestigious students, which when you consider that it includes Mikkel Bag, Per Iver Grimsrud and Mr Horgasm himself: We know that Ståle’s going to be gracing the podiums for years to come.

Not just content with being a contest slayer, he is also part of the RK1 crew with fellow ‘Wegians Aleks Østreng, Len Jørgensen, filmer Olav Stubberud and a Scandinavian Karve of others that produce some of the most innovative edits on the world wide web.

In his spare time, he has a penchant for some solid instagramming, skating and wearing old man masks…


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