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Mikkel Bang

Mikkel Bang

You’d struggle to find a rider, judge, industry worker or liftie that would deny that Mikkel Bang is the most stylish rider of his generation. His iconic super slow-mo backside spins are recognisable and are as identifiable as a fingerprint for this Norse beast.

He, Luke Mitrani and Frederick Austbo blew everyone out the park in 2003 with a tri-segment in Standard Films ‘White Balance’. The sheer untamed energy of this new wave of talent started rumblings across the scene. Mikkel quickly progressed to the big leagues in 2006 on the competitive scene, taking the carpet from beneath the establishments feet taking podiums at the Air & Style, Burton NZ Open, Spring Sessions and a top ten finish at the Burton European Open.

Mikkel began to take a step back from the competitive seen in the 2011 season. He’s proved his video part worth and began to focus on his backcountry prowess with riders like Danny Davis, Jussi Oksanen and his Burton teammates. But, he’s scored Transworld Snowboarder, Onboard and Snowboarder Magazine front covers whilst still being able to throw it down in competitions like Air & Style Beijing, Dew Tour and XGames Aspen when the mood so takes him.

On top of all of this, he scored TransWorld SNOWboarding Magazines Video Part of the year, got the 4th most coverage and was ranked the 5th best rider of the year by Snowboarder Magazine for the 2012/13 seasons. Maybe he has more in common with Thor than he does us mere mortals…


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