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Jed Anderson

Jed Anderson

Jed Anderson is somewhat of a snowboarding prodigy. Starting his career on the Forum Youngblood team, contests and travel were a part of Jed’s life as a teenager. That is until he did something surprising and stepped back from professional snowboarding.

After a few years riding outside of the industry spotlight Jed fell back in love with snowboarding and focused on riding the streets of his local Calgary. Soon enough his street slaying snowboard style began to blow everyone away as he redrew the boundaries of urban riding with a bag of rail tricks that most can only dream of.

Ironically it was a halfpipe event that signalled the comeback of Jed as he entered the Burton Canadian Open in 2009 and beat everyone (including the Canadian Olympic team past and present!). Sometimes you don’t need a coach and a fitness regime to do well, just a lot of natural skill and a love of snowboarding. Competitions just aren’t for Jed though and his victory remained a one off.

Back on the streets it’s Jed’s ability to ride switch pretty much as well as normal has led to him standing head and shoulders above the rest of the new school rail gang, and every video part he puts out is technical and exciting to watch. He even starred in his own Nike Snowboarding film In Full which is one of the best video parts of 2012. He’s been described as the world’s luckiest snowboarder due to landing an accidental frontflip off of a roof. What most people don’t know is that he does it switch!

Jed is always seen riding in a helmet and his style has been imitated by countless riders across the UK. On any freestyle night in any UK dome you’re likely to see a few guys riding with tight pants, tight stance with their hood up ala Jed style. Jed’s also ridden Alan Partridge’s favourite dryslope in Norwich, A-HA!


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