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Gretchen Bleiler

Gretchen Bleiler

Born in the Midwest, Gretchen Bleiler moved to Aspen, Colorado as a girl and her life changed as she began snowboarding. Now Gretchen is one of the best female riders out there and has paved the way for future generations of girls to get radical on a board.

Along with Aspen/Snowmass she created the world’s first ever all girls halfpipe event and photo shoot and has won more snowboarding competitions than you’ve had hot dinners. She’s got an Olympic silver medal to her name as well as plenty of X games and FIS world cup medals. In 2008 she was ESPY women’s action sport athlete of the year.

In 2012 a trampolining accident when attempting a double backflip led to her fracturing her right eye socket and nose leaving her with double vision, not ideal for anyone let alone an Olympic athlete. She’s spent time recovering and is now attempting to make it onto the US Olympic team for Sochi 2014 despite facing stiff competition from other female riders like Kelly Clarke.

Gretchen Bleiler truly is one of the most accomplished female snowboarders of all time, and she’s also had another pretty enviable job alongside being a pro snowboarder. She was a judge on an American TV show cupcake wars, which although it sounds like a robot wars for bakers, is actually a cupcake baking competition. In her role as a judge she got to eat dozens of cupcakes and got paid for it. Professional snowboarder by day and cupcake taster by night; where can I sign up?

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