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Eero Ettala

Eero Ettala

Now the phrase ‘one of the best…’ is thrown around a lot in snowboarding, but Eero has to be the most versatile snowboarder in the world right now. As comfortable in the sub-arctic conditions of Helsinki scoping rails, to carving tit-deep powder in Japan, or throwing the worlds first double rodeo 1080 that defied physics, gravity and the concept of spinning off-axis to whittling his summers away on his skateboard, Eero is the man.

The first rumblings of Eero’s raw talent was at the Arctic Challenge in Norway, way back in 2000 as a 15 year-old dropping into the monstrous Quarterpipe, which led to this now iconic photo after landing on the coping and giving himself what he has described “..as the worst concussion I’ve ever had”. Luckily this didn’t put Eero off and he has continued to be as freakishly good he’s ever put his hand too ever since.

Eero has always been one of the best Big Air riders of his generation taking multiple Air & Style, Freestyle.ch, Nippon Open, Toyota Big Air and freestyle.berlin titles over his illustrious career. He also turned up to the XGames in Aspen in 2010 and put down the winning run on his first run, adding to his ever-growing list of accolades.

Eero also filmed with the Mack Dawg crew before its demise, first appearing in ‘Follow Me Around’ in one of the defining video-parts of the 2000’s. He teamed up with fellow Euro riders for the films Pony Tale and EuroGap 3, essential Vimeo watching for the un-initiated.

In the last few years Eero has gone the way of Jake Blauvelt by staring in his own web-series. First there was ‘Tracking Eero’ then ‘Cooking with Gas’ with Heikki Sorsa, documenting their trans global antics and ending with a season edit to end all season edits. He may be 28, but Eero still has bang in his buck yet.


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