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Danny Davis

Danny Davis

In East Michigan, born and raised, Stratton Mountain College he spent most of his days. Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool, and throwing some back 5’s out back of the school, when a couple of Frends, they were so cool, started throwing 7’s that looked so good. He podium-ed in one little comp and his teachers got stoked and said ‘you should be nominated for Rookie of the Year’.

Whilst DD probably comes from a slightly better socio-economic background than our friend the Prince: both share the fact that they’re on our top 10 people to hang out with list. Everyone needs a half-pipe hiker, backcountry slayer and park crushing Frend to call their own and Danny Davis should top your list if you’re on the market.

We could list his frankly scary list of competition results (which you can find on Wikipedia, but it’s just depressing reading), but it’s more than just his bursting trophy cabinet that make’th this man. He rivalled Shaun White’s stranglehold on the HP scene, before turning his talents across the board and producing some of the tweakiest, slow rotation-ey and twister grabbing backcountry video parts since Vishnu took up shredding.

But, an accident on a Quad-Bike left him with a shattered pelvis and 4 damaged vertebrae that connect the pelvis to the ribs just before the 2010 Olympics. He was celebrating his spot on the US 2010 Olympic team with a few light refreshments when he crashed the ATV into an iron gate. Most mere mortals would struggle to come back from a career changing injury like that, but Danny came back even more focused and fired up than before and took the silverware at the Burton European Open in 2012.

In-between runs at the BEO: Danny and the Frends crew proved their careers won’t be over when there’s no cartiledge left in their bones, treating the web-cast viewers to possibly the most hilarious 20 minutes of snowboard commentating history.


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