Striaghtline The Hari Kari – Europe’s Steepest Piste


The Hari Kari in Mayrhofen, Europe's steepest piste
The Hari Kari in Mayrhofen, Europe’s steepest piste
Where? Mayrehofen, Zillertal Valley, Austria. When? All winter long, the piste isn’t going anywhere.

What is it? Mayrehofen bill it as being 78 degrees steep, which is clearly bollocks on stilts, but it’s still a pretty steep bit of piste. Head up the Hohbergbahn and when you get out at the top look to your left. The Hari Kari is right there.

Will I need a helmet? If you genuinely intend to striaghtline it, a helmet is beyond essential.

Can I do it in fancy dress? Why not? You’re probably going to die either way.

What chance do I have of eating it? It’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll end up somersaulting down the piste should you genuinely intend to straightline it, but if you take it easy you’ll be sweet. Unless there’s someone else straightlining it…?

How fast am I likely to go? If the Kitzbuhel speed course is anything to go by, I’d say you’re likely to hit 100kmph pretty easily. Go on, get down it!

What greats you at the top
What greats you at the top

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