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How to 50-50 180 TO SWTICH 50-50 with Sam Turnbull

Sam Turnbull, Photo: Dan Milner

So you think you’ve mastered the first trick ay? Well here’s another fun one to learn – 50-50 frontside 180 to switch 50-50.It’s a little bit more technical but a great trick to have up your sleeve. Before you try this, it would be best if you practice a few 180’s on the flat first to get used to spinning frontside and riding switch. Done? Good. Now remember, this trick it is all about rotating your shoulders slightly in the direction that you’re going to spin, and looking at where you’re going to pop and land. It takes time to perfect but is worth it.


Approach the same as the last trick, keeping your base flat and your weight centred, with your knees slightly bent (just think ‘balanced and relaxed!’). This time though, as you approach the box get ready to rotate your shoulders for the second part of the trick.


Pop onto the rail and aim to land dead centre with your knees slightly bent. As soon as you land, your eyes should focus on the end of the flat section (where your next ollie will begin) and you should start to open your shoulders in preparation for the frontside 180.


Your board should be in the centre of the rail with shoulders and upper body rotated ready to spin. Your board will naturally want to follow your body, so if you’ve done this right you should automatically start to spin180 as soon as you ollie. You can put a slight bit of weight on your heels or toes to help you pop (whichever feels most comfortable for you) but be careful not to lean too much onto either edge or you will slide out. To complete the rotation, swing your legs and lower body round so you end up landing in a perfect switch 50-50 position.


To make this trick look good you need to complete the 180 in a single, smooth motion – NOT in a jerky, robot-like motion. This means staying relaxed, balanced and confident. Land on the down part of the box with your knees slightly bent, ready to absorb the impact, and keep your weight centred. Good style is all about making things look easy, so don’t worry – the more you practice the better this trick will look!


The exit is quite hard to master because you’re coming off the box switch with a fair bit of speed. Just remember to look where you’re going to land, keep your knees bent and land slightly on your toe edge to help you stay in control.


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