How to Backside Rodeo 540

Backside rodeos are a fun trick to learn. They are by no means easy, but once you can do them it’s a great feeling and you can do them off a lot of different features. You really need to have backflips, backside 540’s and a good aerial awareness before you think about attempting one. A powder kicker with a nice soft landing isn’t a bad place to start either!


1. The Set-Up

It might be a harder trick but you should take the run in and transition in exactly the same way as the 180 and 360,setting up with your weight centred, your board flat and a little pressure on your toe edge.

2. The Pop

Now for the fun part! As you reach the lip you want pop like you would for a backside 540 so that you’re certain of getting enough rotation to come around. Whilst popping, though, you’re going to have to throw your head over your trailing shoulder in order to initiate the off-axis element of the trick.

3. Getting the Grab

You really do need to bring the board up to you if you’re going to grab this trick. If you were to even try to reach down for your grab you’re in a world of trouble and will most likely land on your neck! Not much fun and a right hassle for ski patrol scraping you off the slope. In this shot I’m grabbing melon – I find it the easiest grab to help bring the rotation around – but again, if you find other grabs easier with straight backflips and 540’s then give them a go.

4. Keep Grabbing

Keep holding the grab for as long as you can, but on this trick I’d say it’s even more important to do so, as opening up will stop the rotation and you may well under rotate which won’t be pretty.

5. The Landing

Because you’re coming around on a strange axis you can see your landing a long way off which does help. The only hard part is that you’re landing blind just like you would on a backside 180 or 540, so all the same landing rules apply: Look between your bindings at the ground, spot your landing and plant both feet down at the same time –with a little pressure on the toe edge to kill the rotation. It’s all too easy to revert right away if you’re not careful and that toe edge pressure is key to stopping it. Having made sure you’ve done all that you should be able to ride off switch, just in time for last call!

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