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Best Snowboard Action Cameras 2021-2022 | Our Pick of the Best Action Camera’s to capture that perfect moment

Our favourite snowboard action cameras and drones of 2021-2022, as chosen by the Whitelines Team.

After first making their entrance a little more than a decade ago, Action Cameras have slowly become an essential part of snowboarding. We’ve come a long way since they first entered the market with the high prices and low-quality images, but things have taken a turn for the better in recent years.

“Action cameras boomed in popularity as they allowed us to take a camera where we wouldn’t normally have done, accompanied by their shock-proofing and waterproofing”

Action cameras boomed in popularity as they allowed us to take a camera where we wouldn’t normally have done, accompanied by their shock-proofing and waterproofing. Follow cams have become the norm now, and you wouldn’t normally see someone chasing a mate holding a digital camera. The quality of action cameras might still not be perfect, but considering the size of these things, the footage can be quite mind-blowing.

From quick social media clips to shots used in movies shown on the big screen, action cameras have made it ten times easier for riders and filmers to capture epic shots without having to bring your whole camera kit with you up the hill.

This winter, there is a wealth of action cameras on offer catering for a variety of budgets and uses. Here’s our selection of some of the best action cameras and their related accessories for 2021-2022.

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DJI  | GoPro | Insta360

DJI Air 2S 2021-2022

PRICE: £899 / €1029 / $999

The ultimate in drone camera technology, the DJI Air 2S is the complete package when it comes to shooting great footage from above. DJI has always been leading the way with its drones, and the Air 2S perfectly showcases all the advancements they’ve made.

Equipped with a powerful 1-inch CMOS sensor, the Air 2S is able to capture video in both 5.4K and 4K and photos in 20MP. It’s a lot of technical jargon, but it essentially means the drone is able to capture everything it needs to with unparalleled clarity and the colour richness it deserves.

It’s great at capturing panoramic photos and timelapses, but when it comes to snowboarding, its advantages come with its tracking technology. Spotlight 2.0, ActiveTrack 4.0, and Point of Interest 3.0 all provide fantastic ways to follow a certain subject through environments. ActiveTrack is definitely the most exciting, as it allows the Air 2S to follow a subject smoothly while also autonomously avoiding objects it might fly into!

The DJI Air 2S has a whole host of other features that we unfortunately don’t have time to go into, but it’s probably better if you discover all these for yourself when you test it out! The Air 2S does come with a hefty price tag, but it really is the premium option when it comes to camera drones.



DJI FPV 2021-2022

PRICE: £1249 / €1399 / $1299

Want to look like some kind of futuristic cyborg while simultaneously feeling like you’re flying through the air at breakneck speeds? Then the DJI FPV is the drone for you. It’s one of the coolest action camera drones available, as its first-person view capabilities make sure you’re completely immersed in the footage your drone is capturing.

The FPV comes with a pair of goggles that provide a massive 150 degree field-of-view, and with HD video transmission at up to 120fps, you’ll always have an ultra-smooth, real-time view of your drone flight. The FPV shoots video in 4K as well. This, tied with its RockSteady Stabilization technology, will create some velvety smooth and HD footage for you to enjoy.

The FPV drone also offers three separate flight modes to accommodate anyone from a beginner to an expert, meaning everyone can enjoy the awesome first-person immersion that the FPV provides.

Of course, all of this does come with a pretty massive price tag. But can you really put a price on feeling like you’re a superhero zooming above mountains and forests? We don’t think so.



DJI Mini 2 2021-2022

PRICE: £419 / €469 / $449

For those who are new to drones but still want to invest in a great piece of kit, I think the DJI Mini 2 will be the choice for you. A lot smaller and lighter (it weighs only 249g!) than the Air 2S, the Mini 2 is more compact and portable.

That doesn’t mean it’s any less tough though. The Mini 2 can resist 29-38kph winds and can take off at a maximum altitude of 4000 metres. It can probably handle alpine forests better than you can.

It’s also powerful for its size too. It can shoot 4K video and has a max battery life of 31 minutes. OcuSync 2.0 Video Transmission within the drone supports up to 10km of HD video transmission and has excellent anti-interference capabilities, giving you the ability to fly farther and see clearer.

You can also connect to the DJI Fly app on your smartphone to easily transfer footage and edit it on the fly. The Mini 2 is a great place to start with camera drones. It has a tonne of great features and it won’t take a massive hit to your bank account. Don’t let its size fool you, it’s good enough to compete with the big boys.



DJI Pocket 2 2021-2022

PRICE: £469 / €519 / $499

The DJI Pocket 2 is a little camera that packs a big punch. Small enough to fit in a variety of pockets and bags, it’s as portable an action camera as you would ever wish for. But that doesn’t stop it from being able to shoot videos in 4K, and capture 64MP photographs.

The Pocket 2’s camera is on a 3-axis stabilized gimbal to ensure footage will look smooth and slick. There’s also a lot of cool shooting capabilities for such a small camera. It can shoot great high-definition panorama shots; perfect for capturing mountaintop scenes. It also has DJI’s Activetrack 3.0 tech, meaning it’ll follow whatever moving subjects you select.

Certainly aimed at the blogger market, the Pocket 2 has a story mode that makes quickly editing shareworthy videos a piece of cake through DJI’s Mimo smartphone software. DJI also offer a wide variety of accessories available to add to the Pocket 2, including a tripod, a wide-angle lens and a mini control stick.

For those who want a great compact and portable action camera, the DJI Pocket is definitely worth an investment. It packs a whole load into a small package and for a reasonable price. Definitely a top choice this season.



GoPro Max 2021-2022

PRICE: £480 / €530 / $500

If the Hero9 is GoPro’s clean-cut model child, then the GoPro Max is the rebellious younger brother with more than a couple of tricks up their sleeve. It more than deserves its Max title, with a heap of crazy features making it one of the most creative action cameras currently on the market.

The Max’s main draw is its 360 degrees shooting capabilities. With two lenses on either side of the camera, the GoPro Max is able to shoot high quality 6K 360 videos with ease. Perfect for shooting immersive footage wherever your board takes you.

The Max also features GoPro’s Max Hypersmooth which is their most advanced stabilization technology to date and has some awesome horizon-levelling capabilities. The camera also takes advantage of four different lenses (Narrow, distortion-free Linear, Wide and Max SuperView) so you can get the best angle for every shot.

It’s easy to edit 360 videos on the fly with GoPro’s Quik app. It’s specifically designed to withstand some bumps and scrapes and is even waterproof down to 5 metres. The GoPro Max really does have it all. WIth its boatload of cool features, it warrants a creative and experimental touch that will really help create some awesome footage.



GoPro Hero9 Black 2021-2022

PRICE: £330 / €380 / $350

The GoPro brand has become synonymous with the action camera and for good reason. Their ever-popular range of Hero cameras continues to improve and impress with every update. Their latest offering, the Hero9 Black, builds upon its predecessor in a number of interesting ways.

The key difference between the Hero9 and Hero8 is the 9’s new front display. Instead of the 8’s status-only screen, the 9 has a 1.4” colour LCD screen with live preview and status, making shooting yourself from the front a breeze.

The Hero9 also has some awesome technical upgrades. It can shoot video in 5K compared to the 8’s 4K and it captures pictures in 20 megapixels when the 8 can only capture them in 12. It has horizon-levelling capabilities built into the camera, and GoPro also offers an ultra-wide angle Max Lens Mod that can be purchased separately.

For those who still use and love their trusty Hero8, you may not be interested in all the upgrades the 9 offers just yet. But for those who need a new action camera with some proper top quality shooting capabilities and great features, the Hero9 from GoPro is a quality choice.
GoPro Max



Insta 360 One R Twin 2021-2022

PRICE: £440 / €510 / $480

When it comes to versatility within the action camera market, I think anyone would have a hard time trying to find something better than the Insta 360 One R Twin Edition. Due to its ingenious modular design, you’re able to switch out different components of the camera easily to adapt to what you want to shoot.

The Twin Edition comes with a Dual-Lens 360 module and a 4k Wide-Angle Lens, allowing a simple switch between 360 video and high quality wide angle footage on the fly. There’s also a tonne of other accessories available that easily fit to the camera. These include a boosted battery base, an invisible selfie stick that removes itself from footage, and even an aerial mod that turns your modular camera into a drone!

The One R also has loads of cool and clever features, including night shot for better shooting in low light conditions, target locking capabilities and a load of fun creative edits available through Insta 360’s Shot Lab software.

The Insta 360 One R Twin Edition is a truly great action camera. It may be more expensive than the GoPro models on offer, but with its wealth of extra features and impressive modular technology, it’s not really surprising. It ticks a lot of boxes for just one little camera.



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