Burton Snowboard Gear 2013-14

Burton are a huge snowboard company, and are often up to something cool and innovative with their products. They generally come up with a fair few bits of kit that turn heads each season, so here are 10 that turned ours.

[part title='Custom Restricted ']


Not wanting to put too fine a point on it, but naked ladies grab peoples attention. Personally I think I'd get a bit frustrated with the perma-blur after a while, but maybe that's just me… This true twin version of the Custom is most likely an all round destroyer, and at £470 it certainly should be.

[part title='The Hate']


The Burton Love was a pretty popular board, now they've made one called 'The Hate'. There are some comic style panels on this board, showing angry mobs and some sort of octopus monster getting rowdy underwater.

[part title='Escapade Bindings']


The beauty is in the detail on these. I'm personally a fan of smaller design touches rather than something that melts your eyes to look at. There are some really nice psychedelic marbling details on the back and main strap of these bindings. These are for the ladies so may not fit my 11.5 boots, but I'd definitely rob some of the bits off them if I could.

[part title='Genesis Bindings ']


These binding look a bit like they've been made out of old laundry baskets. I guess all those holes equate to less material, which means less weight, so fair play. You can thank Burton next time you only just make it over the knuckle of a jump instead of smashing it with your face.

[part title='Gloria Pants']


These pants are pretty funky. They are for women, but I've never really understood the difference between gender specific pants anyway. If you're a guy and you're keen, get them and rock them hard. It might help to be a good snowboarder though otherwise people may laugh at you.

[part title='Ion Boots']


These Ion boots have got a worn leather, rugged work boot feel to them. Nice.

[part title='Memento Boot']


Ever wished you could wear your Mukluk boots while you ride? I know I certainly have. Rejoice then, as Burton have teamed up with an Aboriginal footwear company from Canada called Manitobah, who make traditional footwear, and have come up with this Inuit inspired design. This boot may look fluffy and timid, but underneath it's lovely exterior it's still a snowboard boot designed to perform. I've certainly never seen anything like it, bet you haven't either.

[part title='The Lip-Stick']


The description for this board on the Burton site is excellent.

'Oooh baby, baby, the Jumper Cables Hi-Voltage radiate energy out to the tips to increase snap and pop for powering through turns and boosting ollie power. Ah, push it real good through turns with Frostbite Edges that grip even the iciest of ice and a Scoop nose and tail that keeps it loose for a more forgiving, catch-free feel.'

What a bunch of jokers.

[part title='The Family Tree Day Trader']


Burton tend to keep things simple graphics-wise with the Family Tree series. The graphics on this board are really lovely, soft orangey-red in the middle and black at the tips. Pictured is the 150, the 145 is more purple, and equally nice.

[part title='Burton X BIONIC®']


This line was made in collaboration with BIONIC®, a high performance eco thread company, who are actually pretty rad. Their yarn is made with fibres from recycled plastic bottles, which is good for our fragile little planet. It incorporates 40-45% recycled content, and is up to 400% stronger than traditional thread! The designs were provided by Pharrell Williams, who is the creative director for the company. That jacket looks looks snug as anything.