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Welcome to Whitelines‘ live blog of the 2014 Winter Olympics women’s halfpipe final in Sochi. We’ll be kicking off at 5.30pm GMT on Tuesday 11th February, commenting on all the action as it happens. Read our complete guide to the Olympic halfpipe here.

Here’s how the halfpipe final works:

  • 6 riders have qualified straight from the qualification heats, and another 6 from the semi-finals.
  • The 12 riders will have two runs each, with their highest score counting (view startlist).
  • Unlike previous Olympics, the running order will remain the same for both runs.

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Wednesday February 12, 2014

Here we go folks, our last live blog of the ‘lympics. Unless of course we can’t resist following the boardercross and slalom.

Kicking things off with one of the more memorable images of the games. A pair of slippers.

We’ll be going live at 5.30pm GMT, in the meantime leave your comments and predictions using the above field.

sam haddad: 
Here’s the Lesley McKenna piece about the Chinese Winter Olympic halfpipe programme, it’s written pre-2010 (and Lesley was wrong about the Vancouver podium, the highest Chinese spot was Sun Zhifeng in 6th) but it’s an interesting read esp given the carbon copy runs we just saw in the semis

Having some problems with our comments field right now, can’t read what you have written. Will get it sorted asap and share the best ones.

While we’re waiting for the final to get underway, here’s our take on the semis:

Katie Ormerod@OrmerodKatie

Good Luck @TorahBright in Halfpipe finals !!! You got this! Will be cheering you on ?

Emilee Michele

I think the half-pipe conditions are better in my front yard than they are in Sochi. ?????? #sochi#snow#halfpipe#augusta#georgia


Sochi 2014 – Women’s Halfpipe Semifinals Report – Kaitlyn Farrington takes the win into the finals #snowboard


A quick reminder of what happened 4 years ago… You’ll need to click ‘watch on youtube’

Dutchee Dutchee

Go Torah!!! We are cheering on the beautiful and happy soul, Torah Bright. She is such a wonderful role model and we love her. Be awake at 4:30am to watch her in the Olympic Half Pipe final. She’s got true style (on and off her snowboard). We’re sending happy, smiley, dancing and shimmering vibes her way. And a big shout out to super coach Benny Bright too. Woop woop. Xxx @dutcheedutchee @torahbright #torahbright #torah #olympics #halfpipe #australia #goforgold #happiness #dancing #snowboard #girl #shred #benbright #style

Kate Reyburn

It’s hump dayyyy! And you know what else?! It’s #WCW! Today goes to the incredible @kellyclarkfdn! What she’s done for women of snowboarding is amazing. Good luck!!!! #kellyclark #snowboarding #olympics @teamusa @ussnowboarding #girlcrush #coolchick #badass
Shannah Giezen

Let’s go Ladies! #snowboarding #sochi2014 #olympics #hannahteter

Martí Moreno Agudo

Avui tenim una campiona als jocs olimpics de #sotchi #amunt #queraltcastellet #goforit #fesnosvibrar

Lorna Bailey@thelornashow

Watched @clarebalding on BBC2 & the report on Gay rights & homophobia in Russia, WITH MY CHILDREN. How do you like that Putin? #bbcsochi


Anyone remember this? Click thru to watch it. Can Kelly grab gold number two or will Torah do the double? Or are we in for an upset?

Kate Elise Baynes@katebaynes

Let’s go Torah!! #TorahBright #Aussie #Olympics @Sochi2014

AUS Olympic Team@AUSOlympicTeam

10mins to #TorahTime! All 3 Olympic medallists from 2010 here: USA’s Hannah Teter, Kelly Clark & @TorahBright in the #halfpipe 11th-2nd last

And also all the gold medallists from the last three games – Kelly 2002, Hannah 2006, Torah 2010. That’s amazing, especially where Kelly’s concerned – can you imagine Ross Powers still being a contender for these games?

sam haddad: 
Yep Kelly Clark’s 30 years old now, have to wonder if this will be her last shot at a second gold? So hard to keep the hunger after all those years

Steven Hendershot@SHendershot87

#TorahBright ??


Have a great run!!! > @Kellyclarkfdn @hannahteter @KaitlynFarr < #TeamUSA women's#snowboarding #halfpipe #GoingForTheGold #ShredBetties Hamish Livingstone@Flufball_ Snowboard Half Pipe for the Women starts now. Are you watching? If not, why?! #bbcsochi#Sochi2014 sam haddad:  Got the best quote from Hannah Teter last month. How do you rate your medal chances? "Very high" She does show up at the big events, so does Torah though 5:29  Ed:  Here we go! 5:30  Duthie:  Right here we go. The final begins with Rana Okada of Japan. Run 1. 5:30  Sam:  And here we go, the final starts! Who do you think has it? 5:30  sam haddad:  TORAH 5:30  Who's gonna win this thing? Torah Bright  ( 72% ) Kelly Clark  ( 14% ) Hannah Teter  ( 0% ) Someone else  ( 14% ) 5:31  Duthie:  It's a good start for Rana but she stacks her very last hit. Not enough for a medal, but a solid start nonetheless. 5:31  Duthie:  47.75 for Rana. 5:32  Sam:  Mirabelle Thovex, younger sister to Candide to drop next. Can she step it up on this stage? 5:32  Sam:  Pronounced 'tuu-vey' by the way 5:33  Sam:  Pretty standard run there, the McTwist at the end getting a good crowd reaction, probably not gonna do too well, sadly... 5:34  ?????? ?????! #halfpipe #olympicgames #sochi2014 5:34  Sam:  She gets a 67, get back to the top Mer! 5:34  Duthie:  Swiss miss Ursina Haller up next, so that's two riders in a row with famous brothers. Christian aka Hitch was in the men's pipe final last night. 5:34  We love a good claim 5:35  xxxibtkm Good Job! Japanese medalists and young men!! #japan #halfpipe #snowboard #sochi #olympic #sochi2014 5:35  Wurzel hat? 5:35  Duthie:  One, two, Freddy's coming for you... Duthie:  Nearly gets the frontside 900 which would have spiced up an everage run, but she falls. 5:36  Phil Daly time to watch @torahbright kill it on the pipe!! ? #goaussies #straya #sochi2014 #halfpipe #snowboard 5:36  Comment From Hannah  I'd love Torah to win or Hannah but just think Kelly is a… MACHINE. 5:36  Sam:  Tindy alert! 5:36  Duthie:  Non-Chinese rider in Tindy shocker! 5:36  sam haddad:  Re Hannah's comment on Kelly Clark being a machine, you're right in most comps, I feel like she does have slight Olympics fear though, we'll see 5:37  Sam:  Li Shuang now, predictions for what she'll put down? Back to back 5s and back to back 7s with two straight airs 5:37  This perhaps explains the popularity of Tinder in the athlete's village 5:37  Sam:  Called it! Now watch out for her team mate's indent-kit run 5:38  sam haddad:  Groundhog Li! 5:38  Sam:  Torah definitely taking the readers choice poll right now 5:38  Not the nicest method we've seen so far 5:38  Sam:  Li getting 73.25, please let that not be enough... 5:39  sam haddad:  Torah a good example of a pro world-beater who people love as opposed to Marmite Shaun White, Ronaldo etc 5:39  Duthie:  Now it's guess who? Jiayu Liu. Run 1 for the second of three finalists from China. Don't expect anything too exciting. 5:39  Sam:  Great point Sam, is all you have to do smile? 5:39  helenmagiros So proud of my baby girl right now! She did awesome, 18th in an Olympic Games! xxx #olympics #sochi2014 #halfpipe @stephmagiros 5:39  Duthie:  China doesn't compete in WST, apparently. Some talk from Ed Leigh about the two tours. Still a bizarre situation. 5:39  sam haddad:  Yep and be gracious in defeat and victory 5:39  Sarah Hall Productions, Inc. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's @kellyclarkfdn flying through #SHPNY before the #Halfpipe competition! Tune in to the #Olympics NOW! #KellyTakesSochi #RoadToSochi 5:40  Duthie:  Liu doesn't stick the front 9. Going to be difficult for her now. 5:40  Ed:  Jiayu! That looked like it hurt. 5:40  Sam:  Never thought I'd see a boring pipe slash 5:40  BBC Red Button@BBCRedButton On #RedButton right now: Women's half-pipe #snowboarding final. Press blue for option 2. Latest#BBCSochi times: Sam:  Kaitlyn Farrington now, our favourite from the semis. Watch out for some different spins now 5:40  Duthie:  15.75 for that. 5:41  Pretty sure that's not meant to happen. 5:41  Sam:  She's stolen El Blanco's pants! 5:41  Duthie:  Kaitlin Farrington, amazing run! She's the third fiddle in Team USA, but not for long! 5:42  sam haddad:  Wow that was pretty silky! 5:42  Sam:  Amazing run! Air fakie, sw back 7, back 9, alley-oop 5, backside air and a rodeo 5. That's what we want to see, proper progression 5:42  Sam:  Scrappy, but she gets a strong 85.75, yeah Kaitlin! 5:43  sam haddad:  Missing Elena Hight less now 5:43  That rodeo 5 was ace 5:43  Duthie:  Once the slippers are out of the pipe it'll be the turn of Sophie Rodriguez, the first of the auto qualifiers. Run 1 for the Frenchwoman. 5:43  She's happy with that. 5:44  Sam:  Vive la France! 5:44  Benny Martinez@bmart88 Farrington is murdering the halfpipe I don't think anyone expected that Finals at 11:30 #USA#Olympics2014 #KaitlynFarrington Duthie:  The pipe is still woefully slushy. 5:44  Sam:  Castleford is missing some of it's snow 5:44  Ed:  Sochi or Hemel Hempstead? 5:44  Ed:  Great minds Sam 5:44  Sam:  Or a product of spending 120 hours blogging together Duthie:  So sketchy on the backside wall, sloppy hits. Good on the frontside wall though, with a nice crippler to finish. 5:45  Daniel Barrett@danielbarrett53 had my #torahbright ale and now I'm all set to watch @TorahBright win tonight #torahtime lets get it trending!!!! Renee :) I replayed the Olympics last night, I think Shaun got the most height and his half pipe was amazing!! Shaun White tho<33 the only reason I watched the Winter Olympics #mancrush #cutie #shaun #white #ports #fitness #should #have #placed #deservedbetter #love #hottie #snowboarding #halfpipe #rolemodel #haircut #america #Sochi @shaunwhite 5:45  Sam:  Cai Xuetong now, any guesses on what her run will consist of? 5:46  Does this not count as her first run? 5:46  Duthie:  Zzzzz.... 5:47  Ed:  Cai, hai, in the skai 5:47  Sam:  Another robot run from team China. 5:47  Sam:  And more mittens, Hello Mitty? 5:48  Say what you will, that's a solid position thru the air 5:48  Duthie:  Chinese mitt-shots - Sochi's 'selfie' 5:48  Sam:  84.25? What? Boring 5:48  Duthie:  Now it's the 2006 champ, Hannah Teter. She kind of came of of nowhere to win that. Maybe Kaitlyn is the Hannah of 2014. 5:48  Nico aka Chandra@Deathbystar Product placement: chinese bring it further! #halfpipe c a d y@CaddleYo #KaitlynFarrington just killed it ? Sam:  The big guns now 5:49  Duthie:  Not rocking the hobo-astronaut coat. Still warm in Sochi. 5:49  sam haddad:  America's favourite rider here with Gretchen not qualifying 5:49  Sam:  Not Kelly? Duthie:  Big backside air, front 9, back 5 tail, front 7, cab 7, frontside air, back 9. Good on paper, but not amazing. She'll be in first though. 5:49  Nicanor Aniorte H.@aniorte_nic #Halfpipe Hanna Teter muy bueno, suerte sam haddad:  Well she has the most facebook likes! 5:50  sam haddad:  Enjoyed that A LOT 5:50  Duthie:  90.50 - Hannah's in first with a great chance of a third Olympic medal. 5:50  Sam:  Glad Kaitlyn is still above Cai, bull in a china shop 5:50  5:50  sam haddad:  Go Europe! 5:51  Sam:  Querlat Castellet, Duthie's favourite 5:51  Sam:  El Toro in a china shop 5:51  Andrew Munson@amunson221 Wish I could watch #TeamUSA in the #halfpipe at #Sochi. But instead we get ice skating and Latvia vs. Swiss? #nbcolympics #NBCFail Duthie:  Thank God for the BBC. Sam:  Back 9, front 5, back 5, front 9, backside air then stacks a front 7. All huge but not going switch, damn 5:52  Charlotte Thiery Allez les filles au moins une médailles !!! #espritbleu #teamfrance #snowboard #halfpipe #sophierodriguez #mirabellethovex #soutienauxfilles ?? On y croit ! 5:52  Tereza Mohaupt Go Hannah!!! ??? @hannahteter #hannahteter#sochi2014#halfpipe 5:52  Mina Shichimiya Good job Shaun! 5:53  Sam:  News is slow in 'Murica... Duthie:  If our poll is to be believed, 2010 champ Torah Bright is the clear favourite. 82% of you think she's got this. The Queen of Australia, dropping in... 5:53  5:53  Ed:  There it is, the shimmy! 5:54  Sam:  Torah looking relaxed at the top... 5:54  Sam:  Hoorah for Torah! 5:54  sam haddad:  #teamtorah 5:54  Sam:  Next level! 5:54  5:54  Ed:  NEXT. LEVEL. 5:54  Ed:  But she's down. Noooooo! 5:54  How big was that mctwist?! 5:55  Sam:  Damn shame, but if anyone can deal with the pressure it's Torah 5:55  Duthie:  No!! That was by FAR the best run we've seen. Massive McTwist, air to fake, switch backside 720, but the front 5 doesn't work out. Next run will be crucial, and the rest of the field know they have to do their very, very best. 5:55  Duthie:  Grinning like a Cheshire cat at the bottom. 5:56  She's so relaxed. Doesn't give a f**k that she just fell over. 5:56  Sam:  Grumbles at the top of the pipe, oops I mean Kelly Clark 5:56  sam haddad:  Got a little teary in the middle of that run thinking it was the winning one 5:56  Duthie:  Never thought I'd say this, but I miss Kelly's terrible singing before her drop. 5:56  5:56  Sam:  Front 10 into a taco over the coping! 5:57  Sam:  Pressure getting to the big guns, no victory laps in Sochi this year 5:57  Duthie:  Lots of similarities between Kelly and Shaun White - including their ability to smash the coping. 5:57  sam haddad:  Oouch GAME ON 5:57  That crumpled shape in the middle is Kelly 5:57  Sam:  Grab that 10 Kelly! 5:57  Ian L.@i_am_scifi Yeah, the halfpipe still sucks. Stupid refrozen snow. #Sochi2014 #halfpipe Mina Shichimiya You jumped higher than anyone else! 5:58  Sam:  See snowmobile long jump Fair do's that was a sick crooked grind 5:58  Sam:  Team 'Murica still on the ones and twos 5:58  Duthie:  Was Kelly not watching the judging at the previous events? She can huck all the 1080s she wants, but these judges aren't looking for that. Style will win out. 5:58  sam haddad:  Classy tweet from Elena Hight (USA team favourite) who didn't qualify wishing everyone luck 5:59  Sam:  The pipe 'fluffers' look like migrating geese in reverse 5:59  Wow. How big was Kelly's first hit?! 5:59  Duthie:  It's 10pm on a winter's night in Sochi. There are riders wearing hoodies, and they're still having to slip the pipe on a regular basis. 5:59  sam haddad:  Torah's McTwist still a highlight 6:00  Sam:  Rana Okada dropping now, I hear she's big in Japan 6:00  Helga Molinero@HelgaMolinero Fuck that #halfpipe @SochiProblems Go girls!!! @q_castellet @hannahteter @TorahBright@Kellyclarkfdn Adrián. ¡Mucha suerte @qcastellet! En 15 minutos en TDP la final de la Halfpipe con esta campeona. A por todas. #Sochi #Sochi2014 #JJOO #GoodLuck #queraltcastellet #spain #snowboard #halfpipe 6:00  sam haddad:  At least they all have gloves tonight 6:00  Ed:  The pressure on the second runs just went up several notches. it's all or nothing for Torah and Kelly - but who does that favour? Will either even get a full run down in this sketchy pipe? 6:00  Sam:  Going huge straight off the bat, front 9 into a back 5, putting everything down, could it be a podium run? 6:00  Vincent V #goforgold #kaitlynfarrington 6:00  Kristina@KristinaElle Ok Torah! Let's nail your second run! It is early! Up since 3.30am #Aussie #Aussie #Aussie#Halfpipe #Sochi Vestuario En Juego@VestuarioNJuego #JJOO #Sochi2014 #SochiRTVE #HalfPipe #ladies Final RUN1 #russia Rusty Rafferty@RustyRafferty Kelly Clark just ate it hard. how she just walked that off is crazy #Olympics2014 #halfpipe Tiffani Lynn@itsmeTLG Brush that one off @Kellyclarkfdn you've got it on the next run. #halfpipe #Olympics2014#TeamUSA Sam:  She missed a hit at the end to put in a claim... Judges might not like that but iPod didn't get marked down last night 6:01  Mel@melsays Women are doing a frontside 1080 at #Sochi2014 on the #halfpipe... who said women couldn't ride?! #TeamUSA @Kellyclarkfdn #snowboard Sam:  She wants this... 85.50! Enough for third for now. Like they're saying, another hit could've been enough for a much higherscore 6:02  sam haddad:  Ed Leigh: "The longer the wait the better the score" as it was for Jenny Jones! 6:02  A final hug for the coach from Mirabelle Thovex 6:03  Duthie:  Mirabelle Thovex, Run 2. She gives up halfway down and goes for the weird grabs. Sage-like wisdom, you could say. 6:03  Sam:  None of the Thovex calibre there, luckily La Clusaz is a fucking rad place to call home 6:03  Kevin G Hannah Teter get that Gold!!! My snowboarding crush since I started snowboarding. @hannahteter #wcw #olympics #sochi #goforthegold #hannahteter 6:04  Not a high scoring run but that air is a highlight for me. So stylee 6:04  Sam:  Ursina Haller next, great hat! 6:04  Sam:  Hot as a Haller-peno pepper! 6:04  Amoureuse ?@Goudouille Fuck :( Chute pour Mirabelle :( #Snowboard #Halfpipe #JO #Sotchi Ed:  Wow. My French is improving - pretty sure I understand this... Sam:  I think the key here is to relax, she scrubs out her run after a hand down 6:05  Sam:  Once again the riders who look like they're having fun are the ones in charge 6:05  Ed:  You're right, it's gonna be about who can keep calm under the pressure. Torah definitely seems chilled as... 6:05  Sam:  Support for Torah still at 75% 6:06  Duthie:  China wants a medal, and it'll be one of those two who can bring it in. They NEED to do better runs though, and the smart money says they won't. First up is Shuang Li, Run 2. 6:06  Sam:  Will team China step it up? Probably not... we might see a front 9 if they''re going adventurous 6:06  Duthie:  She'll swap out a 540 for a 900 methinks. 6:06  Duthie:  Yep, she went for it, but didn't stick it. Still going though! Bye bye Shuang. 6:07  Ed:  This right here is the FIS vision. 6:07  Sam:  That's what happens if you just train one single run, no ability to adapt or be creative there 6:07  Sam:  Liu Jiayu, please step it up... 6:08  Duthie:  Can't say we're sorry to see the Chinese runs finished. Everything that's wrong with halfpipe riding. 6:09  Sam:  She didn't. Come do a season in France Liu, you'll learn how to have fun on a board at least 6:09  Put your hand up if you're a boring robot 6:10  Duthie:  Here comes the underdog, Kaitlyn Farrington, Run 2. All of us at WL HQ would be happy to see her with the gold - has she got that run in her? 6:10  Whitelines@whitelinesmag Liu Jiayu dropping to the Sousa of Metallica - somehow I doubt that's her choice? sam haddad:  FUN starts now 6:10  Whitelines@whitelinesmag Sousa? I meant sounds of Metallica. Maybe that's unfair, why shouldn't Chinese ladies like Metallica? Just seems a bit unlikely is all... Duthie:  Man does she look chilled. 6:10  Sam:  Or any medal, come on 'MURRRRICAA 6:10  Sam:  Still rocking El Blanco's pants 6:10  sam haddad:  Nothing to lose 6:11  Sam:  I'd be happy for that to be a medal run! Yes Kaitlyn! 6:11  sam haddad:  Me too that was awesome Duthie:  Aggressive as hell, giving it everything - and she nails the run! Probably not as good as her first though. Still, in silver right now! 6:11  Ed:  I'm sorry but the Chinese are doing their best to live up to the sterotypes. Drilled runs, zero creativity, identikit uniforms and the same mitten thrust for the camera. It's like Moscow 1980... 6:11  Whitelines@whitelinesmag Kaitlyn Farringtin is DEFINITELY the crowd favourite - they LOVED that. Hutaff Bittersweet@LucasHaskins USA about to fool around and sweep this podium #ladies #halfpipe Duthie:  Wow, she takes the top spot!! 6:12  Sam:  Yes Kaitlyn! Once again I have to say the FIS-appointed judges are doing a great job, creativity rewarded again 6:13  Duthie:  Great run from Kaitlyn - Ed called her the female Danny Davis, and he may be on to something. 6:13  Yeah Kaitlyn! 6:13  Sam:  Sophie Rodriguez... Alle alle mon petit grenouille 6:14  Rodney Reeder@rodney_reeder Retweeted by Danny Davis @theDDeadshow Shaun will retire and snowboarding will go back to an irrelevant event, loser.#10thplace "Frendscrew" hahahaha. What an idiot Ed:  Wow, not sure what this conversation is all about. Aurelien Offner@OffnerAurelien Sophie RODRIGUEZ allezzzz #sotchi2014 #halfpipe #JO2014 TheOAK@vinniecocoa @KaitlynFarr totally just owned that! #halfpipe #Sochi2014 Charlotte??Stevens@OzDzynesChick Those 300 complaining to the BBC, read it & weep haha #Sochi2014 #BBCsochi#SlopestyleFinal #snowboard… kaitlyn - sick 6:14  Sam:  Big tricks from the frenchie but no grabs and helicopter spins, I'm not calling it as a medal run 6:15  Danny Davis@theDDeadshow No hate, just speaking the truth @shaun_white is one of the best snowboarders in the world and he is damn talented on just about anything 6:15  Whitelines@whitelinesmag Sophie who?! She SENT that! Allez! toddrichards@btoddrichards Snowboarding heros: @KaitlynFarr is one. Duthie:  Oh God, I thought we'd seen the last of the Chinese riders. Still Xuetong Cai to drop for Run 2. Snooze. 6:16  Blair Young@itsblairyoung Yew! @KaitlynFarr killing it & having fun doing it!! #halfpipe #Sochi2014 Carie Small@CarieIsSoVery They way @KaitlynFarr has smiled and danced after her #halfpipe runs today shows her twitter bio is absolutely true! #Sochi2014 Sam:  79.5 for Rodriguez, called it 6:16  Duthie:  And she's down on the frontside 9. Amazing that they can drill that run so many times, and still fail to put it down more often than not. 6:17  Sam:  Style and grabs for the win 6:17  Sam:  Hannah Teter now, Teter-ing on the edge of the medals 6:17  Familiar, much? 6:17  Duthie:  And now we have some tension - Hannah really wants the gold. 6:18  Sam:  She's gonna go Hannah and tongs now 6:18  sam haddad:  Wow so will she get another silver? 6:19  Sam:  Going big on the first hit but down on the second, only three riders to go to knock her out of silver, and the potential for an American dominantion 6:19  Duthie:  Reckon three medals of three different colours is the best Hannah can hope for now. She won't hang on to silver, surely. 6:19  Hannah Teter saluting her fans 6:19  Whitelines@whitelinesmag The way the announcer says Xuetong sounds like Zuton. Add another one and they could sing Valerie! Sam:  90.5 will be her best stiil 6:20  Dorien #kellyclark #sochi2014 #sochi #snowboarding #halfpipe 6:20  ??????@KennedyMLB Hannah Teter goes down. Will sit in the Silver position with 3 to go (Castellet, Bright, Clark)#Halfpipe Duthie:  Now it's another of our favourites, Queralt Castellet of Spain. Run 2. 6:20  Ed:  Dark horse. here we go. 6:20  Sam:  Chevales negro 6:20  Ed:  Lucky number siete? 6:20  Sam:  Calling it, not enough 6:21  Sam:  Kooked it like a Spanish omelette 6:21  Duthie:  How did she land that first hit?! Props for that, but it's messed up her plans and she's sketchy for the rest of the run. And she falls right at the blue line. 6:21  Duthie:  She 'sent it', to use the parlance of our times, but it cost her. 6:22  Kendal Tracy@KendalTracy @USOlympic all American podium? It's a possibility .. #halfpipe #Olympics Sam:  Use a stamp next time 6:22  sam haddad:  Should be neutral but COME ON TORAH! 6:22  Sam:  The firm favourite next, Torah! Bright on track for a medal 6:22  Duthie:  Torah Torah Torah - this is going to be good.... 6:22  Ed:  It's Torah o'clock 6:22  Duthie:  75% of you say it's hers for the taking. 6:22  Sam:  Tense in Whitelines HQ 6:22  sam haddad:  You got this Torah 6:23  6:24  Ed:  Our room just erupted. Yes Torah!! 6:24  Duthie:  Crowd goes wild!! By crowd, I mean Whitelines HQ. 6:24  Sam:  YES TORAH! Stuck it in the pipe and SMOKED IT! 6:24  sam haddad:  YES YES YES 6:24  Duthie:  That was the best pipe run of the day, hands down. Give her the top step! 6:24  sam haddad:  I could barely watch 6:24  C-Druzzle@yourlocalnub SICKEST!!!!!!! #TorahBright #Torahtime. Dat McTwist though!!!!!! Alex Graves@agraves8 Great run by #TorahBright ,, surely a medal!!! Waiting on judges #Sochi2014 Sam:  Style for the win AND the rookie Farrington is guarenteed a medal now 6:24  Sam:  Style will see AT LEAST a silver and bronze 6:25  That meant everything 6:25  Duthie:  What? 91.25?! 6:25  sam haddad:  A little teary not in a good way 6:26  Sam:  Kelly Clark looking intense 6:26  Great camraderie as always 6:26  Duthie:  Really don't get that at all. However, if she has to lose to anyone we'd be glad it was Kaitlyn. Kelly Clark may still have something to say about that though. 6:26  Gracious in defeat 6:27  sam haddad:  Such a class act Ed:  Surely that's it? Kaitlyn Farrington Olympic champ, we're calling it! 6:27  Sam:  Huge run but again I think the judges won't like the helicopter spins 6:27  Duthie:  But it's surely not enough! MASSIVE front 10, classic Kelly-style with the arms up, and her landing throws her off a little. She recovers, but that can't be the gold medal run. It just can't be. 6:27  Sam:  Good for someone in their thirties, but slightly off the pace now 6:28  Duthie:  Amazing achievement for Kelly to be competitive at her FOURTH Olympic Games though. 6:28  Duthie:  She's looking hopeful... and they're making us wait... 6:28  Can THIS actually win? 6:28  Comment From Spectator  Go Shaun Clark! 6:29  James Philipsen Go Torah! :D #TorahTime #Snowboard #Halfpipe #Sochi2014 #AussieAussieAussie @torahbright @ausolympicteam 6:29  Duthie:  Still waiting... 6:29  Duthie:  ... STILL WAITING.... 6:29  Duthie:  Longer than Jenny's wait maybe? 6:30  Sam:  Tick tock tick tock... BRONZE! 6:30  Duthie:  Gutted for Hannah Teter, bumped off the podium at the death. But how about that for Kaitlyn Farrington?! From underdog to top dog - stoked for her! 6:30  6:30  toddrichards@btoddrichards YES! I am happy ! Quentin Siffert@SPICER4NGER 1ST PLACE @KaitlynFarr avec un style frais & pétillant c'est "fully deserved"! #francetvsport #jortbf#halfpipe sam haddad:  Kaitlyn Farrington won gold at the Euro X 2010 Tim I think 6:31  Duthie:  So that's all freestyle gold medals, with the exception of Jamie Anderson, going to folk who had to qualify through the semi-finals. 6:31  NBC Olympics@NBCOlympics #TeamUSA's @KaitlynFarr wins the #halfpipe gold medal! @TorahBright takes silver &@Kellyclarkfdn gets 3rd! #Sochi2014 Paul Williams@MotorracingP Cracking half pipe contest both men and women #bbcsochi #sochi2014 sam haddad:  Awesome tv, suspense, drama, twists… 6:32  Ed:  That's 2 gold medals for the United States of Weird... Gnu. Both Kaitlyn Farrington and slopestyle champ Jamie Anderson ride for the Washington-based board brand 6:32  sam haddad:  Yeah great for Gnu, rad supporters of women's riding. Do good stuff in the Cairngorm too Whitelines@whitelinesmag Is that fair? It felt fair from where we're standing, Kelly was messy but went way bigger than Hannah. Bennett Duchin Hell ya Kaitlyn Farrington! Gold metal!!! 6:33  Casey Leister Yes!!!!! Kaitlyn Farrington with the Gold!!!!!!! I'm glad she won, so close to the American sweep of the podium 6:33  // Allastair //@allastud Yeah Torah got Silver #halfpipe #sochi2014 No American Sweep in women’s Halfpipe sam haddad:  Hannah Teter gold 2006, silver 2010, torah gold 2010, silver 2014, kaitlyn gold 2014, 2018… 6:33  Mário Malach Congratulation Kaitlyn Farrington!!! Sweet sweet style! <3 6:33  Cue the flags 6:33  Jack Chivers Torah bright silver medal.. How her run wasn't better than kaitlyn farrington has got me fucked.. 6:33  6:33  Duthie:  Look at that - Kaitlyn sitting on top of three former Olympic champs. 6:34  Duthie:  Look how close the scores are, too! Controversial for years we reckon. 6:34  Ethan Tomkies Knew she could do it!first ever Olympics and she gets gold!??#kaitlynfarrington#winterolympics #whitelines #final #sochi2014#unreal 6:35  sam haddad:  Yeah if I was Aussie I'd be pretty miffed esp if I'd set my alarm for 430am 6:35  6:35  Ed Kaitlyn Farrington has to be ? of Half Pipe for Ladies 6:36  Duthie:  Kelly cheesing it, good on her for still killing it at 30. 6:36  sam haddad:  JJ 33 Duthie:  Torah top class as ever. 6:37  Duthie:  Now here's Kaitlyn taking her place at the top of the podium, looking pleased as punch. 6:37  Rafal Poznanski@Rafal_Poznanski #KaitlynFarrington! #Winner #Halfpipe #Sochi Kaitlyn. Buzzyn! 6:39  L to the M The women did it! Stepped up & brought home halfpipe medals. gold & bronze. USA! @kelkyclark #kaitlynfarrington 6:39  Rita Comi I was working and didn't see the whole comp, but THAT run got kaitlyn farrington the gold??? she was going at least a meter lower than the other girls!!!! I don't understand why amplitude is still such an underrated criteria... I'm kind of disappointed.... I'm also disappointed that querralt, sarka and ran didn't land their run, oh well next one #sochi 6:39  The snowboarders all take to the top step again. 6:40  Aimee Fuller@aimee_fuller Just landed! And GREAT news. So stoked to see the girl Tbird taking home the silver! yES@TorahBright #Sochi12014 J. Angel Gallipoli@RealGallipoli Congratulations babes @KaitlynFarr (gold) @TorahBright (silver) #Snowboard #HalfPipe#Sochi2014 ? Ed:  No mention of bronze? Sal Masekela@SalMasekela Twitter, you may wanna go 'head and verify @KaitlynFarr, Kaitlyn Farrington already. A GOLD check mark would be a nice touch too! sash j@sashie_j congratulations on the silver @TorahBright!!! well done! #AussieAussieAussie #HalfPipe Rachel Merriman@Rachel_Merriman @KaitlynFarr @TorahBright @Kellyclarkfdn gold silver and bronze! It was worth pulling an all nighter to watch live! #Sochi2014 #halfpipe Holly Byrnes@byrnesh Silver's a charm for #TorahBright but that smile is still pure gold! Love her! #SochiOnTen Sarah May@SarahMay29 AMAZING LADIES SNOWBOARD HALFPIPE FINAL!!!!!!!!! #bbcsochi #Sochi2014 Whitelines@whitelinesmag Just chatted to @kaitlynfarrington's mum - "outa Sun Valley Idaho!" She's carrying a sign saying "cowgirl up" or something suitably 'murican Adam price@Adam___Price Torah bright you legend takes silver in the #halfpipe first medal for Australia at #sochi toddrichards@btoddrichards @KaitlynFarr ! Combos combos combos. Like a machine gun of awesomeness !! toddrichards@btoddrichards Technical smooth snowboarding is my favorite. These three ladies are sooo damn good. Honesty, my heroes. Sean Reigo@seanrhett #TorahBright #TorahTime silver medal, u did us proud!!! Lyn Lewis@lynelewis #TorahBright fantastic result Torah! So proud! Congrats on bringing home the silver!! Thomas@TommyWills4 That womens half pipe final was insane! Well done caitlin farrington #Sochi2014 #bbcsochi Lucy Walker@lucywalkerfilm Congrats #halfpipe #sochi Gold @KaitlynFarr, S @TorahBright, B @Kellyclarkfdn, @hannahteteralways a champ & speed recovery to @arielletgold Danny Davis@theDDeadshow Holy sheeeet! Mad respect and love to these babes!!! @KaitlynFarr @TorahBright Emily Thorne@EmilyEveThorne @TorahBright girl you are my hero! It was a gold to me! #notevenaustralian #hero #TorahTime#TorahBright toddrichards@btoddrichards I love this podium so much. Three of the most ripping and inspirational women in sport. Sarah would be proud ! David Sánchez ®@DavidDeSanchez ¡Esta es la nueva campeona olímpica de #Halfpipe en #Sochi2014: @KaitlynFarr, criada en el hogar de mis #UtahJazz! ;) Winter Olympics@Sochi_2014_News USA's Kaitlyn Farrington Shreds Her Way to Halfpipe Gold - SEE MORE: #sochi2014#bbcsochi Nate Abbott@nabbott Retweeted by toddrichards Oh man, America is about to fall in love with @KaitlynFarr Rune Johnsen@johns1rune No fucking way!?!?? 91.50?? #TorahBright #bestrun #2ol Jennifer O'Donnell@jgto Isn't it nice to see a top sports star who seems to enjoy what they do? #Torah Duthie:  So that's it for the final live blog of these Olympics. We ended up getting a final of high drama, and can expect the conversation to continue for some time. Regardless, Kaitlyn Farrington is the Olympic halfpipe champion, and her life's about to get very interesting. 6:58  Duthie:  Read our full report on the final here: 6:59  Duthie:  And be sure to tune in to the snowboard cross on Sunday and Monday. Guaranteed entertainment every year. Later!

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