Meet the Team | Quiksilver Surf the Mountain Tour

We tagged along with the Quiksilver team, Griffin Siebert, Harrison Gordon, Miles Fallon, and Werni Stock, on a road trip through Europe

In the last fifty years, it’s fair to say that boardsports like snowboarding and surfing have come a long way. They’ve influenced and inspired a huge amount of people, and have developed from humble beginnings to multimillion-pound industries. But in order for us to have gotten to where we’re now, the core values were set by the early pioneers who were looking to find a way to make a living by pursuing their passion for the sports – exactly how Quiksilver came to be.

“We’ve got good banter in this crew which makes it a good ship”

Back in 1969, there was no such thing as boardshorts. Surfers wore bulky, heavyweight trunks, with buttons that hurt when you paddled, and simply weren’t made to surf in. The same year, two Torquay surfers, Alan Green and John Law, saw this as a market opportunity and turned their garage into a factory where the first-ever boardshorts would take shape – a move that would change the whole future of surfing.

The founders’ love for the sport and embodying of the laid-back, casual, lifestyle quickly made them tap into another sport built on similar values – snowboarding. In 1987 Quiksilver started sponsoring Craig Kelly, in 2002 Quiksilver team rider Danny Kass won silver at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games and in 2008 they dropped one of the most legendary snowboard films of all time, “That’s It, That’s All”, together with Travis Rice.

The crew looking over Chamonix. Photo: Stella Pentti.

Alan Green’s and John Law’s personal commitment to surfing ensured that Quiksilver not only produced the best boardshorts available but also ensured that the brand embodied the same values as they did. Quoting founder Alan Green, Quiksilver has “never been about one person, not in the beginning, not now.”

We had the pleasure to tag along the Quiksilver team on the Surf the Mountain tour for a few days in France, to soak up the sun and enjoy the good times.

Miles Fallon and Antti Ollila on their way up to explore Chamonix. Photo: Stella Pentti.

I arrived in Morzine late Sunday night, and was greeted by a very hungry yet welcoming team that had patiently waited for me to arrive to start the raclette feast. From there onwards, I felt like I was part of a big family.

“I had vertigo where the crystal in your inner ear comes loose”

Griffin Siebert was one of the first ones to greet me, a fellow pescatarian dairy-free soul, who could relate to my struggles of finding anything suitable to eat in France that wasn’t bread or chips. With Harrison Gordon, who I sat next to during our first dinner, we first bonded over Helsinki, my home town, and its great street and skate scene.

Miles Fallon, whom I’ve had the pleasure to chat with over Zoom a few times before, greeted me with a big cheeky smile on his face from across the table whilst Werni Stock, who was seated at the other side of the table, came to introduce himself once our plates were empty.

Werni Stock enjoying the sunset session at Avoriaz. Photo: Stella Pentti.

In addition to the four snowboarders, the crew also included Antti Ollila and Finn Bilous (Quik Ski team), Perly (capturing the trip through his lens), Jon (filmer and overall excellent guy), Emily (Quiksilver Snow Global Marketing Lead), Arthur (Quiksilver Marketing Coordinator EMEA) and Manu, the tour captain.

They’d already been travelling for a while before I joined the tour, and it didn’t take me long to realise how — just like any big family — they all brought something unique to the group. I sat down with Griffin, Harrison, Miles and Werni to find out…

The tour is slowly coming to an end, so I thought I’d sit down with you guys and find out a bit about your history with Quiksilver. When did you guys get on the team?
Griffin Siebert: I’ve been riding for Quiky for a while now. I think maybe like five or six years… I got on because of Bryan Fox basically, and it’s been awesome ever since.
Miles Fallon: I’ve been riding for Quiksilver for three years now. I kind of got on through this Instagram contest called the Young Guns and got the chance to go out and ride with Austen Sweetin and then Austen just liked the way I rode and kind of helped me get on the team and ever since then it’s been super fun.

“Miles is the young energy guy, with the craziest board control and talent. But he’s also so grounded and super thankful for everything in life”

Harrison Gordon: ​​I have just recently gotten together with Quiksilver, so this is the first winter that we are together and it feels good.
Werni Stock: I was looking for a new outerwear sponsor and got in touch with Emily and Arthur and the whole Quiky fam last fall. All the talks and meetings went so well, and I was really happy with how things were going. I felt welcomed and appreciated from the first second, so thanks to everyone for all the support, trust, honesty and help.

The first stop of the Surf the Mountain tour was in Munich, where you got to surf the legendary Eisbach River. How was that?
MF: Surfing the river wave was challenging, but pretty dope. I’ve seen videos of it on Instagram and I’ve always wanted to do that, so it was cool that we got the chance to try it out… to try and survive!

The crew surfing the Eisbach River in Munich. Photo: Philipp Huber.

After Munich, you flew out to Mayrhofen to meet up with the local hero of the valley, Werni, and shred in his home canyon. Then you headed out to Laax for a quick day and then from there to Avoriaz. Now we’re in Chamonix, and tomorrow you’re off to Crans Montana and Alaiya Bay to surf. What are your favourite moments from the tour so far?
GS: Probably Austria because of the powder.
MF: All around Austria was probably the best just because the snow was the best, it was really fun.
HG: You know we weren’t expecting anything either and then there was kind of pow so that felt really nice. And the food there was also really good.
GS: Super good food. And I went to the hospital. That sucked but yeah, I’m feeling a lot better now.

What happened?
GS: I had vertigo where the crystal in your inner ear comes loose. Basically, your brain is sending wrong signals from your ear and your eyes, and it makes you seasick. So yeah, I had that, so they like “reset” me at the hospital. I’ve been feeling better but definitely a little funky every once in a while.

Griffin Siebert and Jon preparing for the sunny day in Chamonix. Photo: Stella Pentti.

Prior to the trip, did you all know each other or did you just bond whilst being on the team?
HG: We’ve all known each other for a while but for me, this is the first official trip hanging, so it feels really good — and I think for Werni too. So that’s really nice.

“Harrison is kind of like a steezy uncle, you can always count on him giving you good advice when you need it”

GS: It’s been really cool hanging with Werni too, he’s a good addition to the team. He’s an awesome dude, a good shredder.
MF: Very experienced snowboarder, it’s nice to learn and watch him.

After spending a few days with you all, I feel like everyone brings something different to the team. Werni has this caring ‘dad’-vibe…
GS: He definitely has the dad vibe.
MF: Probably the nicest guy on the team too.
HG: And he’s a triple threat. He can ride park so well, backcountry jumps, pretty much whatever. Epic translator. I would definitely hold his hand walking across a ridge anytime.
GS: We’ve got good banter in this crew which makes it a good ship.

Harrison Gordon ready to drop in in Avoriaz. Photo: Stella Pentti.

So, if Werni is kind of the triple threat dad, what would you say that Miles’s vibe is?
GS: Miles is our MVP shredder. Nice hair, craziest tricks.
HG: I don’t want to say that the baby because you’re not a baby you’re a grown-up, but you know, kind of.
GS: He keeps the engine going, the locomotive, the youthful energy.
WS: Miles is the young energy guy, with the craziest board control and talent. But he’s also so grounded and super thankful for everything in life.

You can really see that energy. It keeps everyone going.
GS & HG: Totally.

Griffin Siebert capturing the moments through the van window. Photo: Philipp Huber.

What about Harrison?
WS: Harrison, what a guy, what a legend. So good to have him on board. Such a happy and fun guy, always a pleasure to be out with him. He’s got it all. So steezy on the cold metal, so unique and special.

“I would definitely hold his hand walking across a ridge anytime”

MF: Harrison is kind of like a steezy uncle, you can always count on him giving you good advice when you need it. He’s just the steeziest guy on the mountain, he’s always looking good.
GS: Harrison brings the good vibes and the laughter. The trip would definitely be very dull without him.

Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with as good a poker face as Harrison.
[Everyone laugs]
HG: Yeah, trying to keep it cool.
GS: The ultimate vibes and the smoothest operator.

Griffin Siebert taking the initiative to “build the crappy side hit to make the day worth it”. Photo: Stella Pentti.

And what about Griff?
HG: Griff… Griff is a lot of things: he’s a motivator, he’s really logical, which is huge when you’re travelling with a group. Obviously, we have a couple of other people who are directing the ship, but I feel like Griff, he’s like, even today, going the extra mile to build the crappy side hit to make the day worth it, you know, you need that. He’s a geologist too so this is him looking at things from a scientific perspective a lot of time, which is always cool, to even out my non-scientific approach.

“Griff is a lot of things: he’s a motivator, he’s really logical, which is huge when you’re travelling with a group”

MF: He helps me realise that maybe sometimes something might be a bit too crazy…
GS: Oh man I sound like negative Nancy [laughs]
MF: No, you’re like looking out for my safety!
GS: Oh yeah, for sure.
WS: Griff is the smooth operator. So stylish and the way he turns is so unique and lovely. Also, he’s always got a good story to tell. We also had Finn [Bilous] and Antti [Ollila], our two freeskiers onboard. These guys are also so unique and stylish in their own way. Seriously, what a crew. I’m really, really happy and proud to be part of the Quiksilver family.

Everyone brings something to the team, and you can really sense the good vibe. I’ve had such a great time with you guys, it’s been super nice and mellow.
MF: It’s a good team.
GS: I think this trip has been awesome. The team’s kind of smaller so it feels like a little family. And I think it’s a good opportunity to express who we are instead of having us like conform, which is nice. Everyone on the team has their own little thing and we all blend well together. And I also think that the gear is incredible, it’s just something a little bit different out there, which is cool.

“I’m really really happy and proud to be part of the Quiksilver family”

MF: Well said.
HG: It feels good to meet a lot of the people behind the scenes, who have been there for a long time, all the reps and Manu, specifically, who I didn’t know before this trip. He is a really cool dude.
GS: It’s always surreal to be part of this, like I grew up wearing Quiksilver shorts, I’ve always been a fan of the brand.
WS: And big thanks to Emily, Manu, Arthur, Jon, Phillip, Perly, Eric, Josi… thank you all so much for this unforgettable time on our Surf the Mountain tour. I can’t wait to reunite with everyone again. It’s been a blast.

Miles Fallon getting ready for a day in Chamonix. Photo: Perly.

A great vibe and a great crew, as a brand Quiksilver has such a big soul, and a team characterised by very different talented individuals who all together make for the mellow vibe Quiksilver carries. The Quiksilver logo, with the cresting wave and snow-capped mountain, symbolises excellence and authenticity, which is exactly how I would describe the whole essence of the brand and its team after this trip.

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