Jenny Jones @ The US Open

We caught up with Jenny Jones today, she is just about to compete in the Burton US Open slopestyle event at Stratton, Vermont. We wanted to see how she was feeling about the possibilty of winning not only the Burton Open tour but also becoming the overall TTR tour winner. Here is what she had to say for herself.

You currently equal your best TTR position with the opportunity to better it. Is there a lot of pressure on you?

I don’t think so as although the TTR is a great tour to be following most riders know it is not the be all and end all of snowboarding. I would like to do well but I am sure I will get over it if I don’t make it into the top five.

If there is pressure where does it come from, you or others?

Sometimes there is some pressure but I doubt it is anywhere near the level of Shaun white or torah bright. I think it’s when some people assume you’re going to do well, the expectation. But at the end of the day they will have forgotten about it in a week and be too busy riding so I don’t worry too much, just a bit.

Looking at the points on the TTR table you are less than 50 behind Torah, do you think “I could win this”? Or do you aim to just do your best and see what happens?

Pretty much just do the best I can each individual event, that’s all you can do, just look at one comp at a time. You can’t effect anyone else’s riding so I think it’s just best to concentrate on your own and if you pull something off then great. My mates suggested I rub chilli on the inside of other competitor’s goggles…. Knobbers. Oh and another mate offered to get torah drunk and woo her with his manly ways the night before but I pointed out she is in fact… Mormon.

This season you have become something of a superstar in snowboarding, becoming much better known in other countries. Has your life changed a lot because of it? If so how?

Hasn’t changed at all actually. Sometimes people recognise me out in the mountains but it’s pretty rare I would say the main thing that has changed is my winter schedule. This year I have done about six contests so that six weeks’ worth of the season and each week is somewhere completely different, USA, Europe, Japan. I have missed riding with my mates in Morzine but managed to get back a few times to hangout and get drunk. I am not complaining though as I chose to do it and have had a good time in the process but I reckon next year I will try and do less or plan things a little differently.

What would it mean to win the US open and with the whole series?

I am trying not to think about the overall series although it’s hard because people obviously keep mentioning it. I think a lot of it is out of my hands because I don’t ride pipe the odds are little against me but just going to wait and see. All I can do is concentrate on riding well enough in slopestyle my aim is to get into the finals. I think to win the us open would be amazing as it is one of the main American events and being British it would show I am worthy on an international level. If I didn’t do that well I am sure I would survive, be bummed for a bit then go have a cocktail and dance my ass off.

How will you prepare for the event?

Eat, sleep, laugh and get to practice on time.

Do you have anything special lined up to ensure you win (assuming you stick it)?

Nope. I don’t really decide on my run and tricks till I hit the course because it’s always different to you planned. If the weather is ok and I am having a great day I will have a crack at some new tricks but this totally depends on how I am riding. Never know I might end having to just do three and straight airs that would suck but that’s how comps go sometimes. Hoping for clear skies and solid legs for the day though so I can try some more technical tricks.

Is it possible to still retain the fun loving British approach to snowboarding and competing? Or with the increase in profile has there become an increased pressure to take it more seriously?

I think rather than taking the British out of me I have brought a bit of British to the contest. For sure on the day of comp I concentrate and want to ride well but once your off the hill it’s good to piss about and a lot of the girls are a right laugh so by the evening time any issues or worries people have had soon go and most folks are drunk and dancing away.

Other than yourself who has the best chance of winning the open?

Slope is of course young Jamerson. Jamie Anderson. She is a cracking girl much older than her year, for sure. She has great style and a nice bag of tricks. Claudia Fliri has a mean front seven and Cheryll always steps up. If torah is having a good day then she could definitely be up there. Other to consider would be Kjersti, Spencer and I bet there are some young whipper snappers that come out of nowhere.

Do you miss the UK scene? And filming with Tim and Adam? Surely the international scene isn’t as much fun?

I totally miss filming with time and Gend and can’t wait till they reunite in a few years and bust out another movie. I have only filmed a small amount this year for mini podcasts so kinda different but good fun. The latest one is a trip to Jackson Hole, check out Lesley two black eyes ouch.

What feedback did you get from people about your opener in terminal ferocity?
Were your folks proud?

My folks haven’t seen it actually….mmmm they moved to NZ at Christmas ha ha. Most people’s response is nice section and a raise of the eyebrows. So I just nod and tell them I was gutted I didn’t get a 720 on film. Then they ask did you ever think about taking your hands off? Ha ha

With female riders pushing the boundaries and striving to catch the boys, do you look at the 1260’s etc and think ‘one day’? When will see you doing a switch back ten?

One step at a time. I think the day I land a 900 will be an epic day.

Will you make it to the Brits this year now it’s on later? Do you know Spencer rescheduled it just for you ha ha?

Bollocks! Ha. Well the Roxy chicken jam is until the 30th and then there is miss superpark (photo session). So I am thinking about coming after Roxy event but this means I miss all the practice day of the big air. But I might make it for the slopestyle? I have a great time at the Brits and I would be stoked to go so looking into the logistics this week.

What does it feel like to be Britain’s most successful snowboarder bar none?

Depends what you class as successful. Maybe competition results but riding standard there are definitely some lads right up there from the UK. Tyler, Scott, Danny, Nate, Ben, Dan. These lads can all hold their own. I mean I can’t be that successful, I have never been to the Olympics either…? Ha ha ha. I just love jumping and I seem to be doing alright so just going to keep enjoying riding. There are loads of promising shredders coming up from Britain too so I reckon British snowboarding is in safe hands.

Just wanted to say a quick Thank you to my parents and for all the British support, cheers to all my Morzine mates. hopefully I do ok and anyhow I got a wedding to get back to straight after in the UK, wahey. Massive congrats to Irish Winnie and Aussie Paul see you at your wedding, bring on the Irish gig.

Cheers Jen and good luck with both the Burton Global Series and the TTR and Show them yanks how it’s done?

Thanks a lot and a big hello to all the White Lines crew.

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