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Ed Blomfield


Factory Media Snowboarding Head of Content Ed Blomfield caught the snowboard bug at a young age – brought up in Yorkshire, he witnessed the Pennine dryslope scene in its 90's heyday and once earned detention at school for dying his hair blonde in an ill-advised homage to Jamie Lynn. In 2005, after three seasons in Tignes and four years studying English/chasing the snow in Scotland, Ed took the reins at the UK's finest snowboard mag. As well as writing, editing, trapping heffalumps and occasionally filming, Ed now looks after, as well as good old Whitelines, but still finds the time to shoot stills and venture out on snow.

Ed Blomfield's articles

How To Make A Snowboard

Watch how a snowboard is made in the factory

How To Adjust Your Snowboard Bindings

Perfecting the boot/binding interface

How To Detune A Snowboard

When and where to blunt those edges

Snowboard Shapes Explained

How the shape of your snowboard affects its performance

Do I Need A Wide Snowboard?

How foot size changes the equation

How To Choose A Snowboard

Understanding snowboard length, flex, shape and profile.

Jacob Roberts - 2 Alpes Spring Shred 2016

Some of the styliest UK park riding we've seen this spring.

'Nightshift' – Snowboarding With Headlamps in Tahoe

Nick Pooch, Billy Garcia and Ben Birk ride the Tahoe powder by torch light in this moody film by Taylor Morgan.

Snowboard Wallpaper – Josh Dirksen Runnels Run

Josh Dirksen charges down stunning ripples of snow in this week's desktop wallpaper. Photo by Colin Wiseman.

The Sparrow Knox Interview

Finishing off our week with Sparrow Knox, we sit down to talk skate, snow and the infamous megamix.

Laax Open Snowboarding 2016 - Live Stream

Watch the snowboarding slopestyle and halfpipe from Laax here.