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Roots - Mike Basich

Mike’s relative obscurity in the freestyle-focused world of snowboarding today is not because he lacks talent as a rider (his skills are plentiful, as you’ll see from this interview)

Roots - Johan Olofsson

Johan Olofsson’s legacy to snowboarding is such that he really needs no surname. Like ’Terje’ and ’Shaun’,

Profile - Fredi & Nicolas

Fredi spends much of his time shooting in North America with Standard Films, Nicolas criss-crosses the globe putting the Absinthe movies together, and these days their paths rarely cross long enough to go riding together.

Profile - Tyler Chorlton

So, ladies and gents, enough from me. Let’s have a warm White Lines style welcome for the one, the only… Tyler Chorlton.

Profile - Jussi Oksanen

Jussi Oksanen burst on the scene in 1999 with an incredible opening section for TB8. If you haven’t seen the film

Roots – Dave Downing

This month we interviewed long-serving Burton pro Dave Downing. As he stated in the intro to his first ever video part in TB3, Dave is someone who likes “to ride everything - the whole mountain.”

Profile - Cheryl Maas

Cheryl Maas cemented her place in snowboard history in April of this year, when she won the women’s division of the first ever Ticket To Ride [TTR] World Ranking system. In effect, she is the first ever ‘peoples’ world champion.

Style Wars Day 2

It's day 2 at the Style Wars and Torstein Horgmo has dropped the biggest 1080 in competition history.

Vans Mountain Dew Rail Jam

The Mountain Dew, Vans rail jam from Oregon

Style Wars Day 1

Day 1 ffrom the Style Wars OZ

Electric Quarter Pipe Session

Electric Quarterpipe session NZ

Whitelines is Online!

The New White Lines website is now up and running

Inside Out: Discovering Europe’s Snowdomes

I’d managed to persuade Milton Keynes local Chris Chatt and Castleford shaper Damian Doyle to set out on a pan-European road trip.