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Stale Sandbech: One day at Sierra

Stale Sandbech: One day at Sierra

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http://mpora.com/videos/AAd9wgrxc9f4 We’ve been frothing to get this up for a day or two now and finally as it’s Friday we thought we’d drop this Norwegian bombshell on you…

Stale Sandbech is sickeningly good, not only can he clean up the World Snowboard Tour by winning the overall Men’s Title (That means he’s very good at Slopestyle, Halfpipe and Big Air to you and me) but he manages to lock down some awesome video parts for Rome. He also manages to be a good guy, extremely funny and seems to posses that Norwegian charm that gets all the girls and their inaudible noises.

Thinking about it, we have a wee bit of a man crush on Stale…

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