Is this the future of Burton snowboard team?

Riders come and riders go, but over the years Burton has consistently maintained the strongest snowboarding team on the planet. They also have a knack for signing up talent early (remember Shaun White’s early appearances in the TB films? Even at 11 years old he was rocking Burton gear). With some of the current crop getting on a bit in snowboard terms, and several recent high profile riders being dropped or leaving (DCP, Romain de Marchi, JP Solberg, Gigi Rüf) attention has turned to the future. Have Burton unthinkably let things slip, or is a changing of the guard in order? Well, judging by this new clip, Jake isn’t losing much sleep over it. Shot at Snowboarder Magazine’s ‘The Launch’ event, it showcases a few of the latest generation of groms to roll of the conveyor belt, including under-18 team members Zak Hale, Ben Watts, Taylor Gold, Broc Waring, Gabe Ferguson, Matt Penny (no relation to Tom), Brock Crouch (no relation to Peter), Nils Mindnich, Hans Mindnich, Kyle Mack and Ben Ferguson. If you haven’t heard of these kids before, you soon will. Take a look and let us know who you think has got the most promise…


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