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Friday Find - Now THIS is how you use a GoPro...

11:01 9th August 2013 by Sam Oetiker

While GoPro’s were originally invented as a way for CEO Nick Woodman to film his lines in the Californian surf, they have of course been used in many situations far beyond the boundaries of the action sports hemisphere.

From swimming with great white sharks, to hula hooping, to seagulls taking off with ‘em, these little cameras have been used to capture a bunch of cool stuff since their inception. Woodman chooses to describe them as ‘life cameras’ and to prove the point, wore one on his chest when his sons were delivered. We’re assuming (and hoping) he was, y’know, stood at the right end – for everyone’s sake…

This short film, which also serves as the music video for Biting Elbows’ 2013 single ‘Bad Motherfucker’ was all shot POV style with a GoPro and mixes in some pretty flashy hollywood style effects to create a gripping Matrix-style chase scene.

The only thing we’d perhaps have added is a couple of powder turns at 3.50, when our man is teleported away to what appears to be a pretty decent bowl with freshies to be had for days. With his GoPro on his head he would have easily blended into the crowd and could have made an easy getaway…

  1. James Harvey

    Now that was good!


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