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The Manboys – Fish Tacos

We’ve been looking forward to the first webisode from The Manboys since this hilarious teaser came out and judging by this, we weren’t wrong to.

Mark SollorsRusty OckendenJody WachniakRobin TaylorMatt Belzile, and Chris Rasman all pile into their RV to check out what’s crackin’ in the Canadian Rockies in the spring, only to find themselves tits deep in some spring powder.

And not just any spring powder: like bacon, trucks and maple syrup, there are just some things Canadians do better, and spring powder is one of them. This is the stuff of dreams, a winter where the deep part actually lasts until May, none of our weak Euro slowder that turns to heavy slush by 10am. This is the good stuff.

But by good stuff we mean this is the absolute worst time of year to watch this. Locked inside in the summer heat we at WL hq are just pining for some face shots, even spring slush would do.

For now at least, living vicariously through these guys will have to do. Check them out dirtbiking, RVing, getting all hip, pitted and airborn in this first installment. Stoked for the next one already.

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