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Women's Snowboards: What We Say

Women's Snowboards: What We Say

Published in Whitelines Magazine Buyer’s Guide Issue, Winter 2010-2011

SIZES: 148 / 152
THEY SAY: Offers unmatched versatility from deep snow to groomers.
WE SAY: With its directional shape and setback stance, this’ll keep you floating nicely in powder. At the same time it’s designed to ride switch easily and the camber helps keep it poppy.
TESTER SAYS: “A bit stiff for beginners maybe, but a nice all-round stick that handled everything well.”APO ISIS : £250
SIZES: 146 / 149 / 152
THEY SAY: Ultimate all-round riding for girls.
WE SAY: Designed to do a bit of everything, this features a softish flex for easy turning, and a rocker camber combo profile, which keeps the ride forgiving. It’s maybe not stiff enough for the most aggressive girls, but it handles most things well.
TESTER SAYS: “A fun board, not too soft. Nice and sturdy underneath your feet.”ARBOR CADENCE : £440
SIZES: 139 / 143 / 147 / 151
THEY SAY: Las Meurtas
WE SAY: A mid-fl exing twin aimed at ladies who want to take their skills to the park. The rocker makes it easier to butter, press, and land those 270s out. This isn’t the most pow-specific stick, but it still floats nicely.
TESTER SAYS: “Amazing smooth board. Nice and responsive.”
SIZES: 140 / 144 / 148 / 152 / 156
THEY SAY: Super-fun lively all-mountain design.
WE SAY: This directional stick will do a bit of everything, and that, along with its stable cambered base and easy-turning flex, makes it a great board for intermediates. A bit soft for proper experts perhaps, but a good option for anyone else.
TESTER SAYS: “A good fun board to ride, easy, forgiving and good at most things.”ATOMIC TIKA : £230
SIZES: 134 / 139 / 144 / 149 / 151
THEY SAY: Happy-go-lucky head turner.
WE SAY: A nice mid-range stick shaped to do most things pretty well. This has a cheapish extruded base, and the core’s not the techiest in the business, but at that price, you can’t complain.
TESTER SAYS: “Mellow like masala – nice and easy to turn, would suit a beginner.”ATOMIC POLARITY : £320
SIZES: 144 /149 / 151 / 154
THEY SAY: Down-to-earth elegance.
WE SAY: With its slightly stiffer fl ex and higher tech milled wood core, the Polarity is a bit of a step up from the Tika. It’s still pitched largely at intermediates though.
TESTER SAYS: “Nice ride. Really light board, good turns all round.”BATALEON DISTORTIA : £345
SIZES: 143 / 147 / 151
THEY SAY: Made for park but can do everything anywhere.
WE SAY: Freetsyle-focused park rat who loves the occasional pow turn? Looking to perfect your jib skills without catching your edges? Then this may be the board for you. If, on the other hand, you’re a novice, then this probably isn’t.
TESTER SAYS: “Nice freestyle focused stick. For girls who want to do more than just cruise!”BATALEON VIOLENZA : £355
SIZES: 145 / 149 / 153
THEY SAY: No other women’s board does what the Violenzia does.
WE SAY: An all-mountain charger that’ll take you down any piste at mach 10 should you wish, but still soak up sketchy kicker landings thanks to its ‘Triple Base Technology’. Not for beginners, but everyone else will love it.
TESTER SAYS: “Really forgiving, but lots of pop. Felt a little unusual on rails.”BURTON FEATHER : £260
SIZES: 140 / 144 / 149 / 153 / 156 – 148M / 152M
THEY SAY: The secret to shred success.
WE SAY: Burton’s entry-level women’s stick features their ‘EZ V-Rocker’ which lifts all the contact points, making it much harder to catch an edge. It wouldn’t suit über-experienced babes who wanna shred fast but for intermediates it works a treat.
TESTER SAYS: Lightweight and fl exible, as well as smooth edge-to-edge.”BURTON SOCIAL : £290
SIZES: 138 / 142 / 147 / 151
THEY SAY: Catch-free trick machine.
WE SAY: With its rocker profi le, extruded base and rail-tuned edges, this is definitely built for tricks. It’s not the most stable at speed, but it’s also pretty inexpensive, so would work well as a second board or a dryslope/indoor board.
TESTER SAYS: “Super playful poppy, just wanted to spin all the time.”BURTON LUX : £300
SIZES: 136 / 139 / 143 / 147 / 150 / 154
THEY SAY: Laid-back luxury.
WE SAY: This board features a reasonably high-tech core, making it lightweight and poppy. It’s also got a camber profile that helps it hold an edge beautifully on the piste. Probably better at cruising than hitting monster booters, but can handle itself in the park as well.
TESTER SAYS: “A soft, easy board to ride. Not too soft, nor too stiff.”BURTON LIPSTICK : £380
SIZES: 141 / 145 / 149 / 152 / 154
THEY SAY: Leave your mark from peak to park.
WE SAY: The Lipstick benefi ts not only from Burton’s ‘Flying-V’ rocker-camber combo, but also from their ‘Scoop’ technology. This makes this freestyle-focused twin a bit twitchier at speed, but much easier to press and spin on, as well as more floaty in powder.
TESTER SAYS: “So much fun for freestyle. Ideal for intermediate to advanced riders.”BURTON FEELGOOD FLYING V : £450
SIZES: 140 / 144 / 149 / 152 / 155
THEY SAY: Ride the lightning.
WE SAY: This was launched as the ‘woman’s Custom’ a few years back and has proved one of Burton’s biggest sellers since. An all-rounder that doesn’t really have a weakness, except that perhaps it doesn’t specialise in one particular type of riding.
TESTER SAYS: “Edge to edge control was good, rode through slush with ease and was easy to play about and spin on.”BURTON FORTRESS : £550
SIZES: 147 / 151 / 154
THEY SAY: More pounce per ounce.
WE SAY: If you’re a high-end rider looking for something more than most women’s boards will give, then check out the fortress. Burton’s ‘Frostbite Edges’ work like a charm, helped by that camber profile. Not one for beginners, but serious shredders will love it.
TESTER SAYS: “Quick, turns beautifully and pops amazingly. I want one!”CAPITA SATURNIA : £300
SIZES: 140 / 143 / 146 / 149 / 152
THEY SAY: Light, strong and easy to ride.
WE SAY: The positive camber on the Saturnia keeps the board stable and gives it a decent amount of pop, despite that soft flex. It has an extruded base, so it’s not that quick, but for jibbing about in the park or cruising round the pistes, this’ll rock.
TESTER SAYS: “Nice, responsive and turned really easily. Would suit an intermediate I reckon.”CAPITA SPACE METAL FANTASY : £330
SIZES: 143 / 145 / 147 / 149
THEY SAY: Female specifi c urban warfare.
WE SAY: As well as one of the best graphics on any board this season, this soft-flexing twin tip features Capita’s ‘Flat Kick’ rocker technology. This, along with the soft fl ex, means it would suit intermediates, or girls who want to kick ass in the park.
TESTER SAYS: “Just fl ows down the hill. Bit twitchy at very high speed, but felt in control in most conditions.”DC BIDDY : £230
SIZES: 143 / 147 / 151
THEY SAY: Can handle any riding style.
WE SAY: A mid-fl exing true twin that’d suit beginners, but would work equally well for park/dome rippers. Not the most tech board, but if you’re looking for something to throw around in any conditions, this is a good option.
TESTER SAYS: “Fast, smooth ride. ‘Radius-to-flat’ tech through the nose and tail really helped in slushy conditions.”DRAKE MISTY SMILEY : £270
SIZES: 139 / 143 / 147
THEY SAY: The perfect jibbing machine.
WE SAY: With its ‘Smiley’ rocker profi le and its soft pop, the Misty is designed as a jib stick. But the same qualities which make it good for indoor riders and jibbers also make it an attractive proposition for first time riders – especially that price.
TESTER SAYS: “Sweet and supple – too soft for big kickers, but great on rails and jibs.”ENDEAVOR BOYFRIEND : £280
SIZES: 142 / 145 / 148 / 151
THEY SAY: Award-winning twin freestyle for women.
WE SAY: A soft-fl exing twin that’d suit freestylers, or ladies on a jibbing trip. The carbon stringers add extra pop for kickers, cliffs and rails. Lasses who are just starting out may also fi nd the camber version nice and predictable through the turn.
TESTER SAYS: “Rode well, cuts nice. Turns quite soft, but overall a good ride.”FLOW ELATION : £260
SIZES: 143 / 147 / 151 / 155
THEY SAY: Don’t worry, be happy!
WE SAY: A directional stick that may not be stiff enough for experts, but is perfect riders who are moving on from easy slopes and starting to explore the park or the backcountry. This’ll help you do both, and decide which way you want to take your riding next.
TESTER SAYS: “Nice soft-fl ex, turned easily, and had plenty of pop.”FORUM SAUCE : £310
SIZES: 142 / 147 / 151
THEY SAY: Pours it on smooth everywhere in the park.
WE SAY: With its ‘Chilly Dog’ rocker tech and it’s twin shape, this is aimed at park riders primarily. However, at this price, it would also suit girls who want an easy shred stick to ride around the whole hill. Not built for really high speeds though.
TESTER SAYS: “Lovely easy ride, buttered like a beast! Sick on rails and fun for just jibbing about the piste.”FORUM SPINSTER : £330
SIZES: 144 / 146 / 148 / 150
THEY SAY: I’m not your fucking sweetheart.
WE SAY: A high-tech freestyle stick aimed at women who really know what they’re doing. With its high-grad aspen core, this board boasts more pop than most, and its rocker shape makes buttering easy. Not really for total beginners, but great for everyone else.
TESTER SAYS: “A rad ride that’s comfortable pretty much everywhere. I loved every minute of it.”GNU B NICE : £350
SIZES: 145 / 148 / 151 / 154
THEY SAY: All terrain freestyle fun banana!
WE SAY: This board channels a lot of Mervin’s tech into a women’s-specific stick. With a stiffi sh fl ex, it’s designed to be able to handle most of the mountain, but beginners may find it a bit stiff. The ‘Magnetraction’ helps it hold an edge nicely.
TESTER SAYS: “Good pop, good jumping, advanced board.”HEAD PRIDE : £200
SIZES: 138 / 142 / 147 / 152 / 157
THEY SAY: Enjoy the best out of every ride.
WE SAY: Soft and supple board that would suit pretty much anyone from beginners upwards. It’s not the most lightweight or the fastest, so maybe not the best if you’re hucking yourself off massive cliffs, but great while you’re building up to them.
TESTER SAYS: “I’m not very good at snowboarding but I really got on with this board!”HEAD GLAM ROCKA : £240
SIZES: 139 / 143 / 147 / 151
THEY SAY: Your responsive and versatile easy-turning
WE SAY: An easy-fl exing rockered stick that’ll suit all but the most hardcore speed-lovers. The profile will make rails and kickers easy-as-pie, and help you float in powder, and the flex is soft enough to make turning easy for beginners.
TESTER SAYS: “Made turning so easy I forgot I was doing it!”K2 LUNATIQUE : £280
SIZES: 138 / 142 / 146 / 149 / 151 / 154
THEY SAY: A new perspective on the play-anywhere vibe.
WE SAY: K2 have designed this for girls who like shredding as opposed to cruising, and enjoy getting stuck in on pow days. The setback stance helps the nose stay out in deep snow, and the ‘All-terrain rocker’ profile keeps it playful.
TESTER SAYS: “Smooth carving and speedy. Graphic seems a little bland, but I enjoyed this board a lot.”K2 VA VA VOOM : £280
SIZES: 135 / 139 / 143 / 148 / 152
THEY SAY: The ultimate women’s jib board.
WE SAY: With its soft fl ex and rocker profile, the Vavavoom is most at home slaying rails in the park. These features also mean it’s easy to learn turns on as well. It also has a rad Nikita collaboration graphic.
TESTER SAYS: “A fun, playful board. Friendly and poppy, not amazing at holding an edge, but great at doing what it’s designed for – jibtastic!”K2 FLING : £300
SIZES: 138 / 142 / 146 / 149 / 153
THEY SAY: True freestyle versatility
WE SAY: Designed as an all-mountain freestyle stick, this twin will pretty much handle any terrain. The flatbase means it holds an edge nicely on hardpack, and the fl ex is still soft enough for the park. It may not be the easiest stick for beginners though.
TESTER SAYS: “This board was amazing for carving, and rode switch easily.”K2 ECOPOP : £370
SIZES: 145 / 148 / 152 / 155 / 158
THEY SAY: The fi rst women’s-specifi c powder board.
WE SAY: With its all-terrain rocker this will certainly perform well in pow, but this is far from just an offpiste machine. The directional twin shape will allow you to ride switch fine, and that fl ex isn’t so stiff you can’t venture into the park occasionally.
TESTER SAYS: “Loved the board. Strong and silent, just how I like them.”NEVER SUMMER PANDORA : £415
SIZES: 140 / 143 / 146 / 149
THEY SAY: A potent threat to any pipe, park or kicker.
WE SAY: Freestyle twin that’s not so jib-specific that it can’t handle high speeds. Of course, that means it’s not such a sick butterer, but on kickers and in the pipe this kills it. Open up Pandora’s box and get stuck in!
TESTER SAYS: “Nice and stable when fl at lining and riding bumps on piste.”PRO SET-UP
Torah Bright
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 59kg
Board: Roxy Eminence Torah
Bright Edition 149
Bindings: Gnu B-Nice
Boots: DC Super Park
Jacket: Roxy Bright Collection
Pants: Roxy Bright Collection
Goggles: Roxy TB Signature
Stance: Goofy
Width: 21 inches
Angles: +18, -9NIDECKER DIVINE : £290
SIZES: 143 / 147 / 150 / 154 / 157
THEY SAY: Every year “girl-power” has increased and the Divine matches that.
WE SAY: A nice, easy-going twin pitched at pistecruisers who like to dive into the park or dip their toes in the pow occasionally. A classic all-rounder with a nice forgiving flex and profile.
TESTER SAYS: “Stable on an edge and carves really nicely. Not the most playful, but a lot of fun.”NITRO FATE : £330
SIZES: 147 / 150 / 153 / 156
THEY SAY: The perfect choice for any female rider who wants to expand her skills.
WE SAY: A stiff-ish directional twin aimed at the more experienced rider – the kind of chick who wants a stick that’ll charge around the hill and lay down sweet pow lines with her. The zero camber means it holds an edge beautifully.
TESTER SAYS: “This board handled all conditions – powder this morning, slush in the afternoon.”RIDE COMPACT : £280
SIZES: 139 / 143 / 147 / 150 / 153
THEY SAY: Premium pop without the hook.
WE SAY: Ride’s LowRize rocker means you’d be hard pushed to catch an edge on this one, making it good for beginners. But that’s not all it’s good for, and more experienced shredders will appreciate the true twin shape when going switch.
TESTER SAYS: “Floaty, enjoyable ride with precision handling and no surprises. Sweet.”RIDE PROMISE : £290
SIZES: 141 / 145 / 148 / 151 / 154
THEY SAY: Pledging all-round performance.
WE SAY: The ‘LowPro Rocker’ profi le on this lifts the nose up for extra float in the powder, while the tail sits flat on the snow for better edge control when
carving. That should be enough to tell you this board is aimed at freeride chicks, but although it’s not built for jibbing, it also handles the rest of the mountain pretty well.
TESTER SAYS: “Great board for going fast! Really easy to get used to. ”RIDE OMG : £360
SIZES: 140 / 144 / 147 / 150 / 153
THEY SAY: Serious freestyle goodness.
WE SAY: Ride have built a board aimed at the more experienced female freestyler here. It’s got bags of pop thanks to their ‘Pop Rods’, and the almost flat base means it holds an edge well in the pipe or on bigger kickers.
TESTER SAYS: “Quite an aggressive pop, but great fun.”
SIZES: 140 / 144 / 147 / 150 / 153
THEY SAY: Ultra high style, ultra high-tech.
WE SAY: This is Ride’s top of the range women’s board. The pop-rocker shape helps keep it playful despite that stiff flex. That said, it still holds an edge really
well on piste or in the pipe – just ask Hana Beaman.
TESTER SAYS: “Great board if you’re looking to go fast. Really stiff which would make it great for pipe.”ROME LOFI ROCKER : £360
SIZES: 143 / 146 / 149
THEY SAY: The park to peak Rockette.
WE SAY: Are you the kind of lass who loves jibbing about and getting stuck into boxes and rails? Then have a look at the Lo-Fi Rocker. Its softish fl ex and reverse camber shape means it’s great in the park or indoors, though less good on icy pistes.
TESTER SAYS: “Super buttery and easy to press. Poppy park fun!”ROXY SILLOUETTE : £310
SIZES: 141 / 146 / 151
THEY SAY: Banana makes riding more fun because it’s catch-free.
WE SAY: A nice easy-fl exing Roxy stick that falls well within most riders’ affordability range. This doesn’t have Mervin’s ‘Magne-traction’ tech, but it’s built for
messing about in the park rather than charging down seriously steep slopes.
TESTER SAYS: “Soft, playful and easy to manoeuvre. Banana makes it easier to ride.”ROXY ALLY BTX : £350
SIZES: 139 / 143 / 147 – 151W / 155W
THEY SAY: The Ally takes Kjersti Buaas from US Open to the Olympic halfpipe.
WE SAY: With its banana profi le and ‘Magne-traction’ wavy edges, the Ally is built for charging any kind of terrain – whether it’s slushy park, icy pipe or soft pow.
It’s a bit stiff for beginners perhaps, but will suit most people fine.
TESTER SAYS: “Softer nose and tail so good to jib but holds a lot of ollie power still.”ROXY OLLIE POP : £390
SIZES: 141 / 145 / 148 / 151 / 154
THEY SAY: Team model designed with Erin Comstock.
WE SAY: Mid-fl exing twin that’ll handle most things without complaining, whether its park, piste or pow. It’s got Mervin’s ‘Bio beans’ eco-friendly topsheet and
a true twin shape designed to maximise pop. On the stiffish side for jibbing, but still capable of it.
TESTER SAYS: “Magne-traction holds edge at speed and cuts through anything and everything.”ROXY ENVI : £435
SIZES: 147 / 153 / 157
THEY SAY: Envi is short for environmental.
WE SAY: This is built using Mervin’s bio-plastic topsheet, made from beans! And it’s designed for the kind of free-spirited, hippy-ish freeride chick that’ll
appreciate such a touch. Too stiff for jibbing, but spot on for powder and piste charging.
TESTER SAYS: “Nice and stiff and held an edge beautifully. Great for cruising.”

SIZES: 143 / 146 / 149 / 152 / 155
THEY SAY: True twin aggressive freestyle.
WE SAY: This is the board that carried Torah to her Olympic gold. Stiff, but offers insane edge hold for those good enough to handle it. Loads of pop, though
the C2 rocker camber combo means its not so rigid that you can’t mess about on it.
TESTER SAYS: “Good all round board. Very stable when riding bigger jumps.”SALOMON LOTUS : £220
SIZES: 135 / 138 / 146 / 151 / 155
THEY SAY: Mountain matriarch.
WE SAY: A great starter board that will ease you in slowly. With its super-soft flex and predictable camber profile this probably won’t have the stability at speed
needed by experts, but beginners will love it.
TESTER SAYS: “Nice, easy to turn and predictable. Not the poppiest, but perfect for intermediates.”SALOMON LARK : £260
SIZES: 144 / 148 / 152 / 156
THEY SAY: True temptation.
WE SAY: With its stable camber profi le and cheap extruded base, the Lark is aimed at less-experienced riders looking for an all-mountain stick. But this
is more than capable of handling most of what the mountain can dish out.
TESTER SAYS: “Ideal beginner board, nice and soft for a laid back cruising around the slopes.”SALOMON LILY : £320
SIZES: 139 / 144 / 148 / 152
THEY SAY: Soul mate.
WE SAY: This is the freestyle twin ridden by Britain’s very own X-Games champion Jenny Jones, so you know it’s gonna be a good ‘un. Flatbase means it holds an
edge nicely, and it’s got tons of pop. Not so good for beginners, but great on big booters.
TESTER SAYS: “Really versatile ride all over the hill and stable at speed.”SALOMON GYPSY : £300
SIZES: 138 / 143 / 147 / 151
THEY SAY: Jibtastic journey.
WE SAY: With its rockered profi le and popster core shape, this is built primarily for messing around in the park. That said, this defi nitely no slacker when it
comes to razzing around at speed, thanks to the ‘Royal Rubber Rails’ which dampen vibrations.
TESTER SAYS: “High on my list for any girl wanting to progress her freestyle.”

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