12 of the Best European Resorts for Après

Best European resorts for ApresFor many, Après has long been a legendary part of a snowboard trip. It normally lures you in around 4pm with a casual jug of beer and before you know it you’re knocking back the Jägers, dancing more enthusiastically than you thought yourself capable of to euro-pop and laughing in the faces of skiers as they attempt to clamber on tables in their silly boots.

This might sound like an impossible task after a punishing day on the mountain, but the saving grace of après is that it usually releases you from its clinches at around 9pm – plenty of time to shake off the crimes from the night before and still hit first lifts.

Whether you’re looking for a few sophisticated Vin Chaudes in a French local or you want to stomp on the rule book and keep the party going ’til 4am, here’s our pick of the best European resorts for après

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  1. Andrew

    The Viking closed two years ago. Lazy journalism.

  2. Bas de Vries

    Where are Gerlos, Kirchberg, Kitzbuhel and many more!? Austria is so much better then France when we are talking about Apres Ski.


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