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Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens rides with a style like no other and his creativity on a snowboard knows no boundaries. No other rider on the planet rides like him. Known for being the snowboard equivalent of skateboarder Rodney Mullen, Scott sees snowboarding in a completely different way to other riders.

Alongside having the ability to ride rails, hit booters and slash powder with the best of them, Scott Stevens mixes it up with the most insane jibbing on the planet, often frontflipping or getting technical without one or even two feet strapped in. He first appeared in the film Patchwork Patterns and his parts in the Think Thank videos have often left viewers blown away in awe. His full part in the recent Capita flick, Defenders of Awesome is thoroughly mind blowing ending with a bonkers one foot gap to backside boardslide.

The guy is also a super nice fellow with a humble attitude and a mellow approach to life that have led to him being a favourite snowboarder of most snowboarders. He’s also know as Sleepy Stevens and Atcha Boi; a name he’s ended up with because he started signing emails off with it and now it’s stuck.

Along with Chris Grenier he runs the blog Change That Tape and has filmed with Videograss for the past few seasons. He makes for a pretty creepy looking zombie and says that his recent tour of the UK with the Capita team was a lifetime achievement. His favourite place to ride is Bear Mountain and when not on snow Atcha Boi spends his time skateboarding or trampboarding on his trampoline.


Capita Sleepy Stevens
18 / -9


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