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Nicolas Müller

Nicolas Müller

Nicolas Müller is a true snowboarding legend. Starting his career in the halfpipe, Nicolas Müller is now world renowned for his original approach to backcountry riding. You only to have to watch one of his countless video parts to understand why the man is in pretty much every snowboarders top five riders of all time.

Nico, as he is popularly known, made his mark in the early noughties in Absinthe’s films where he’s had opening and ending sections alongside full parts. Nico has featured in That’s It That’s All, 91 Words for Snow, It’s Always Snowing Somewhere, and The B (to name just a few!). His stand out surf style led to him winning the 2012 X Games real Snow Backcountry video contest and his flow and creativity in the white stuff continue to amaze and impress not only normally snowboarders like you and me, but also his peers.

He has won the Snowboarder ‘Rider of the Year’ award twice and his mellow attitude to life are reflected in his effortless and original flow on the mountain. Off of the hill, Nico is a firm believer in looking after mother nature. He is a vegetarian and is committed to sustainable, green products such as Mizu water bottles. He is also the president of the Breathe Foundation, a non profit environmental organisation dedicated to raising awareness about humanity’s impact on the planet.

Our favourite fact about Nico is that he was once nominated by PETA as the ‘World’s Sexiest Vegetarian’, and although we’re not sure about that (Natalie Portman was also in the running) we are sure that he is one of the best snowboarders ever. His ethos is to keep it real and do your own thing on the mountain, but when riding powder it’s hard not to try and emulate Nico’s smooth carves and frontside butters.


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