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Maxence Parrot

Maxence Parrot

Maxence seemed to slip under the radar a little whilst competing on the WST in his first season. Maybe with fellow French Canadian and O’Neill team-mate Sebastian Tootant spinning and flipping his way onto podiums left, right and centre, Maxence had to make do with being the man in reserve.

For whatever reason Max was flying under the radar, he made a hell of an impact before the season had begun for most of us taking home two medals in a week at The Mile High by Carlton Dry and Stylewars both in Australia.

The monstrous courses built for both must have got his Big Air appetite grumbling as he then took a 4th place finish at our very own Freeze Festival in London, followed by a 6th place at the FIS Big Air World Cup in Belgium and then narrowly missing out on a top ten placing at the Oakley Air and Style Beijing.

All this before Father Christmas had even come to visit the young lad! We don’t know what the big man in red did bring Max, but there’s a possibility it might have been an extra-strength bottle of cojones as at the O’Neill Evolution, Max stepped up to the plate and landed the first triple cork seen in a European competition: setting the standard for the remainder of the year.

The Big Air title eventually went to Mr Toots, but it should be an interesting battle this season with Max being invited to the higher star ranked events. Everyone loves a bit of friendly team rivalry right?

Max has already kicked off the 2013/14 season with a bang in his indigenous Canada with the top spot at The Shred Show’s Big Air competition and a 5th place finish on the SS course. We’re sure we’ll see Max firing his way onto more podiums this season.

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