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Katie Ormerod

The future’s bright for Team GB rider Katie Ormerod. At the tender age of 16 not only is she one of the best British female snowboarders, she’s also one of the most exciting up and coming female snowboarders in the world.

With a big bag of tricks Katie has absolutely killed it on the competition circuit. In 2013 she won the slopestyle and big air at the Brits, coming 2nd in the halfpipe and 2nd at the Burton European Junior Open. In 2013 she also became the 5th woman ever to land a double backflip, not bad for a 16 year old right?!

She’s on Team GB and is realistically one of our brightest hopes for a medal at Sochi 2014. Katie fell in love with snowboarding on a family holiday at 5 years old. She’s recently joined the Roxy team and gets to regularly ride alongside her idols Aimee Fuller and Jenny Jones.

From Bradford, she grew up riding at Cas Vegas and on the plastic fantastic of Halifax. After getting a board in 2002 she was soon hitting the Fax jump with likes of Jamie Nicholls and local legend Wayne Taylor. Riding with these seasoned shredders helped push Katies riding to a truly international standard but she’s still a Yorkshire girl at heart. Her favourite food is a Sunday lunch (presumably washed down with mug of Yorkshire tea) and her favourite trick is a backside seven.

These days she’s as likely to be found in the parks of Breckenridge and Laax and she aims to be the best UK female rider, which to be honest isn’t that far out of he reach! As well as regularly appearing in the Team GB video podcasts she blogs on her own website and tweets.


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Katie Ormerod