Have you ever seen a double halfpipe before?


New for this season, more Red Bull madness
New for this season, more Red Bull madness

We’ve just received news that Red Bull are working on a double halfpipe at Aspen for a competition taking place on the 19th-23rd called, predictably, the Red Bull Double Pipe. The plan is to take the existing X Games pipe and create a mirror image spined along the middle as well as adding a few jib features, as if it wasn’t hard enough already…

It’s likely that they’ve taken the success of Danny DavisPeace Pipe series and are looking to turn it into something more marketable; there’s no word yet on which riders will be taking place but knowing Red Bull’s phonebook there’ll probably be a few big name invites.

It’s great to see halfpipe getting it’s format jigged around a bit, slopestyle courses always tend to have at least one creative feature added in but pipe, by definition, the format is usually the same.

All we can do for now is just dream on what crazy tricks will go down here; backside double crippler transfer anyone? We’re calling it…


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