Katie Ormerod becomes first woman to land a backside double cork 1080

British snowboarder Katie Ormerod has become the first woman ever to land a backside double cork 1080.

Far from just a double-hucker, Katie’s also a master of style

Katie, you may remember, is the teenage prodigy that became one of the first females to stick a double backflip just over a year ago, and only just missed the cut for the Sochi Olympics.

Now that she’s gone and blown the doors off women’s snowboarding with a trick that we’ve never even seen attempted before, let alone stomped, Katie is about to become very famous very fast. She’s certainly come on a long way since the dry slope days.

Katie also recently took 1st place at the World Rookie Finals

No footage yet, but it’s on the way and we’ll have it up here as soon as it drops. Can’t wait to see it – congrats Katie O!