Jake Terry qualifies for Junior Freeride World Tour final

UPDATE: we’ve had word that the necessary cash has been found to get Jake over to the States, so he’ll definitely be riding in the contest! We’ll let you know how he gets on. Congrats Jake, all the best!


15-year-old Jake Terry has qualified for next month’s Junior Freeride World Tour finals in Montana, USA.

Despite calling the Hemel Hempstead indoor slope his home for so many years – forging some pretty incredible rail skills in the process – he’s recently turned his attention to freeriding, with excellent results. He finished third at the Chamonix stop back in February, and is currently in 14th place overall. Whether or not he can make the trip to Big Sky Country is still up in the air, as funding is an issue, but we’re rooting for him to make it across the pond.

We’ve had many a discussion in the Whitelines office about where all the British freeriders are. Other than veterans James Stentiford and Sasha Hamm, no UK riders have really stepped into the discipline, with the vast majority of younger riders still favouring freestyle. Other than Jake obviously, who’s got the powder bug; in the video above he even takes on the famously sketchy Lavachet Wall in Tignes.

Perhaps if he continues to do well on the tour, he can shine a light on freeriding and encourage other riders to give it some more thought. Whatever happens, it’s great to see him giving it his all. Nice one Jake!


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