The Bone Zone - Salt Lake City


Sadly no more, the Bone Zone was initially conceived by Ted Borland and friends as a secret early-season getaway to get practicing on some rail tricks, but early this winter it was discovered by the local Forestry Service and destroyed. A shame seeing as it wasn’t really doing any harm, plus the rails are usually completely buried by the time the season kicks of.

Everything aside from a few home welded rails was built out of the woods around them with axes and ‘manly grit;’ there was a true DIY vibe going on here with a focus on leaving the woods as clean as they’d found them every day.

The video above is a trailer to the full movie which you can view for free here. It sucks it’s gone now, but it’s an even better reason to go build your own!

Have you ever built your own park? We’d love to see what Whitelines readers have been able to come up with so please send any videos/pictures, we may even do a feature with them!


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