Inside Track: Tignes

There are a couple of parks in the Espace Killy. Val d’Isere has one that you can get to from the Mont Blanc lift, but the park at Tignes is definitely the better one. It’s easily accessible from both Le Lac and Val Claret. The features are much more fun than in Val. There’s a blue, red and black kicker with a sick rail on top of the shaper’s hut. The Grattalu lift will take you to the top in no time, so you get way more laps than in Val.

Sage Kotsenburg at X Games Europe. Photo: Ed Blomfield

A major bonus is that there’s a green park on the other side of the piste for beginners, so it keeps the ski schools from clogging up the main park. There’s a rad French crew called Gpsy Feelin who ride there all the time. You can guarantee all kinds of crazy upside down stuff going on when they’re about.

If you’re looking to build yourself a solid backcountry kicker, then head to the bowls under the TSD Tommeuses lift. It’s seen plenty of filming in its time – the famous sequence of Nelson Pratt’s heelside Rodeo 7 by Natalie Mayer was shot there.


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