How to Build Your Own Powder Board

Shape your own snowboard out of ply wood

Grip It and Rip It

Now, unless you’re planning to go all Wolle Nyvelt and snurf it, you’ll need to get your bindings fixed on. Probably the easiest way is by using inserts that fit your screws, try here for some places where you can order them online. If you’re clever you can create inlays on the base for them to sit in and then drill through from the top. Make sure you drill through the baseplate of the binding you’re gonna use as a guide.

The Jeremy Clarkson approach

After that all that’s left is to get the base riding as fast as possible. Once again there are many ways, but from what we’ve heard the simplest method is by varnishing it; just make sure you paint it on from nose to tail to get it running in the right direction.

You can also coat the base with glass fibers – messy and potentially hazardous – or do a proper job and P-Tex it. Nope, no idea how.