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Don't Go!

Don't Go!

In reality being around ski schools in the holidays isn't always this fun
In reality being around ski schools in the holidays isn’t always this fun

Well, this one is a little obvious but if you don’t want to spend your holiday sharing oxygen with thousands of others, don’t go away when it’s going to be really busy… Avoid the Christmas/New Year debacle and if at all possible stay away from the snow during the February half term; it’s like an alpine Dawn of the Dead. With kids.

Yes yes, for some the school holidays are impossible to avoid. If you do have kids you might want to leave them at home once in a while and go get your own shred on. Let’s face it, they’re generally a bit rubbish and are rarely of any benefit when the sun comes out just after it’s snowed their exact height.

January is bliss. The first weekend after NYE is one of the quietest and cheapest weeks going, plus it’s cold enough to have a good chance of some pow whilst you’re away. Or March/April, spring shredding is a wonderful thing.


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