Five Simple Exercises From Team GB Conditioning Coach To Get You Fit For Winter


Jamie Nicholls is among the riders training with John Noonan.
Jamie Nicholls is among the riders training with John Noonan. Photo: Tristan

Beer vs. exercise – it’s a tough call. As the days get shorter, it becomes increasingly hard to drag your tired ass to the gym, when all you want to do is slink off to the pub. But say you’ve only got two weeks off to go riding this year. You don’t want to waste time feeling completely whacked or unable to hit kickers because you’ve spent too many hours perfecting your bum imprint on the sofa.

John Noonan is the strength and conditioning coach to Jamie Nicholls and Katie Ormerod. He’s here to help along with Alison Robb, physiotherapist to Team GB athletes including Jenny Jones. Together they’ve compiled five exercises tailored to help snowboarders build up muscle strength, stability and balance before they get to the mountains. So, if you want to prevent that second day ache, stomp a 360 or just get the most from your shred break, then these quick exercises will help get you prepped for riding.

For more from John Noonan, check out his YouTube channel and Twitter. Thanks to Edge Gym for letting us use their space.


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