Should Riders Be Allowed To Smoke Pot in Colorado’s Resorts?


Photo: Arapahoe Basin Ski Area

The debate over legalising cannabis in Colorado, USA has been raging forever. From New Year’s Day, it will be legal to sell and smoke weed in Colorado. However, the men in charge of Arapahoe Basin resort are not taking the new laws lightly.

Al Henceroth, chief operating officer at Arapahoe Basin, Colorado

Al Henceroth, chief operating officer at Arapahoe Basin, has been booting snowboarders off the mountain and revoking their lift passes for smoking pot in public. He wrote a controversial blog post on the Arapahoe website stating their crackdown policy on weed, regardless of the wider state laws. This caused a barrage of comments from A-Basin users, both backing up and criticising Al.

The main argument was that smoking weed isn’t any worse than drinking alcohol on the slopes. Commenters fairly pointed out that the resort allows people to drink beer in the car park and order trademarked strong Bloody Marys at breakfast, yet enforce such a hard crackdown on smoking pot. Here’s what some of them thought:


However, a lot of people are all for Al’s crackdown…


Others are super angry…


Or how about this clever fella’s solution?


“Douchebaggery” – great word.


Some offer some insightful comment on the issue…


While others think it was just the way Al put himself across….


The Sunday Times reported last week on the changes afoot in Colorado, with the tourist industry already cashing in on the state’s new freedom with special New Year’s Eve “Get Elevated” packages.

However, technically, even when the pot law comes into effect, riders still aren’t allowed to smoke weed in public or on federal land – which rules out the Arapahoe Basin. Yet it is legal for local shops to sell and promote it. Confusing, right?

What do you think? Do you think Colorado’s resorts should be allowed to revoke lift passes if they catch riders smoking weed on the slopes? Or should they try and find a balance for all mountain users? Leave your comments below.

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