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14 Groms Who Are Already Better Than You'll Ever Be

14 Groms Who Are Already Better Than You'll Ever Be

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This year has been crazy for up and coming talent. There’s a new generation of riders coming through who are absolutely f*cking fearless and going in with amazing video parts and competition riding – to top it off, some of them aren’t even in there teens yet!

What’s ridiculous, is that these kids aren’t just ‘good for their age’ any more. Many of them are on a similar level (if not better) than riders with twice as many years under their belt. If you’re still under any delusion that your ‘big break’ is just round the corner, have a flick through these and see if it doesn’t make you re-evaluate your chances…

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  1. Myllzy

    Hey white lines don’t be so dubious… I know this kid personally. He just jumped onto a shred stick last season. He’s dope as f*ck!

  2. savedByTheGnar

    the ‘zeach talk’ happened with justin after that part got released. you guys are on it!!

  3. tom

    nice luke, way to rep

  4. Ed Best

    I think this could be the most depressing article Whitelines have ever published.

    “One day I’m gonna grow up to ride just like that 12 year old…”

  5. Ocie Henderson

    How is Milo Malkoski not on this list? That kid f-king rips.



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