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Sochi 2014

Sochi 2014

Sochi 2014 will see snowboard cross, halfpipe and, for the first time ever, slopestye at the Winter Olympic games. The event is set to be the highlight of the 2014 snowboard calendar and it’s also the only snowboarding event your Nan will watch on TV.

No other event has split the snowboarding community quite like the Winter Olympics. Boycotted by Terje back in the day (at a time when he would have easily won it) there is still a lot of animosity towards the event from riders who want snowboard events to be ran by snowboarders and not skiers.

Other riders just embrace it for what it is; the most prestigious sporting competition in the world, and push boundaries in order to earn Olympic glory. Shaun White has won the past two gold medals in the halfpipe and he’s going to be charging for his third consecutive win.

Slopestyle has been introduced for Sochi 2014 and this is going to be one hell of a show. It also means that team GB is in with a chance of doing pretty well. Our very own Aimee Fuller is on top of the female competition circuit and Billy Morgan and Jamie Nicholls will be showing the world what they can do.

There’s also the boardercross which is always great to watch. Who could forget Lindsay Jacobbellis leading the women’s final in 2006 and then showboating on the last jump, falling over and settling for silver?! Whether you love of hate snowboarding being part of the Olympics it’s hard to argue that Sochi 2014 won’t be entertaining.

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