Holy shitballs! Bob Burnquist has literally just left us heaving our jaws off the ground with this 8 minute section of skateboard trickery that would definitely still be gnarly on a snowboard. Think massive (no grab) backside 540s, inverted frontside 720s, gaps onto rainbow rails, a huge step up gap and much more. At 36 years old he's no spring chicken either...

We've commented on it before but there's simply no denying that snowboarding has had at least some influence on this mega-sized skateboarding. That inverted front 7 melon was snowboard trick through and through.

Oh and did we mention a helicopter gets involved too? It's sick and all (and who knew helis could grind rails...) but sorry Bob, we got you on that one - Mike Basich did it from like waaay higher.

Don't get us wrong though, this is absolutely, 100%, mind bogglingly, rad. Watch it now. To the end.