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“Integrity and Passion” | Deeluxe Snowboard Boots

What makes the Austrian boot brand so popular amongst riders?

Above: Werni Stock. Photo: Patrick Steiner.

There’s nothing more important than a pair of well-fitted snowboard boots. Sure, a good board and a good pair of bindings are important too but riding a board that is slightly shorter than your average size won’t ruin your day, whilst a pair of cramped boots will definitely make your toes crawl in agony.

“This Austrian based brand is run by a bunch of rad snowboarders and skaters, which has not only resulted in spot-on products but also a sense of respect towards the brand from riders alike”

When it comes to buying a new pair of snowboard boots we’ve always been a bit vague with having an absolute opinion on which ones are the best, simply because everyone’s feet are different. It’s not that we wouldn’t trust Pete, the local guy who laps the park from 9 to 5 when he expresses his keen interest for a pair of boots by stating “these are fucking sick man!”. Or Craig, who’s been practising euro carving long before it became a thing and repeatedly tells us how his new hard boots allow him to lean so far down his cheeks nearly brush the sweet surface of snow when he lays down his turns. Sure Craig, by all means, they might be great but maybe not for everyone.

Eiki Helgason

In a world with endless amounts of rad snowboard boots to choose from, what is one to do?
To make it a bit easier for us, there’s a few boot companies who offer custom fitted liners – with DEELUXE Boots being the first brand to debut the thermo-mouldable boot liner back in 1997. The technology has come a long way since, but these guys still know how to mould boots; shaping them into safe havens for our precious feet to nest.

“Besides our long history, I also appreciate the integrity and passion this Austrian based boot company has”

Deeluxe have been solemnly focusing on producing snowboard boots since 1996, and are known to support a bunch of young local talent. This Austrian based brand is run by a group of rad snowboarders and skaters, which has not only resulted in spot-on products but also a sense of respect towards the brand from riders alike.

“Besides our long history I also appreciate the integrity and passion this Austrian based boot company has.”Elias Elhardt.

Kevin Backstrom wearing the ID Bloodline boots.

Many of the guys on the DEELUXE team were stoked on the boots prior to being part of the team, something that sees the brand rank even higher on our ‘legit list’.

“To be honest, I chose the Team ID boot because Brandon Cocard was riding it and told me it was a banger. I loved it from the first time I rode it so I haven’t changed since.”Kevin Backstrom.

“I was riding DEELUXE boots for few years before I got on the team so I’m hyped that these guys noticed and wanted me on!”Eiki Helgason.

The DEELUXE team is packed with a notable range of various talent, hence the brand’s ability to produce quality boots for every kind of riding. We’ve got Werni Stock, for example, riding the DEELUXE Edge – DEELUXE’s stiffest freestyle boot on the market (stiff AF). According to the legendary Penken Park boy himself, the boot gives him just the right amount of stiffness and support he needs to stomp those massive kickers he’s hitting up in Mayrhofen.

“The DEELUXE Edge is my favourite choice. Stiffness and support explain it best.”Werni Stock.

Markus Olimstad wearing the DEELUXE Team ID Bloodline.

Hailing all the way from the former Viking nation, Kevin Backstrom, Markus Olimstad and Eiki Helgason bless the team with their effortless and loose Scandiland riding. Whilst both Kevin and Markus are happy to harness their feet in the mid flexing team favourite DEELUXE Team ID boot (or new for this season the eye-catching rider inspired ID Bloodline), Eiki’s gone and produced his own signature boot, Brainchild.

“I really enjoy riding the DEELUXE boots because they give me the support I need while riding everything from backcountry to park. At the same time, they have a good flex for tweaks so it’s a perfect match.” Kevin Backstrom.

“The last two seasons I’ve been riding the Team ID boot, which for me is the perfect combination of a supportive and stiff jump boot, but still soft enough to feel comfortable on the board and preserve the board feeling.”Markus Olimstad.

Eiki Helgason with his signature Brainchild boots.

If dreamy backcountry powder laps or charging down plain hard ice, like madman Xavier De Le Rue himself, is more up your alley, DEELUXE has got something to fill that gap too. Our beloved soul surfer Elias Elhardt has been part of the DEELUXE team for more than 16 years now and we’ve heard he’s a sucker for their Deemon boot.

“If dreamy backcountry powder laps or charging down plain hard ice, like madman Xavier De Le Rue himself, is more up your alley, Deeluxe has got something to fill that gap too”

“I chose to do my signature model based on the Deemon boot, as this model gave me just the right amount of stability and support for my ankles but also enough flexibility to move freely within.”Elias Elhardt.

You’d think someone who’s attracted to the gnarliest slopes mother nature has ever had the pleasure to create, would want to make sure their boots aren’t compromising their riding to any level. Xavier De Le Rue, who favours the DEELUXE Spark XV boots, would definitely be the right guy to ask when it comes to choosing a pair of boots for this purpose.

“We designed the first mountaineering/splitboarding boot together and the Spark XV is the latest version of it. The main feature has always been the Vibram sole with its shape and materials designed to walk around rocks, ice and snow in a much safer way. The rest of the boot has been developed to be rugged and strong when climbing rocks and using crampons and adventuring outside the boundaries. The construction of the boot allows a bigger range of movement when splitboarding. And when staying out in wet environments for long days, the Spark XV is also very water-resistant. Last but not least we have integrated the Backwelt clip which makes clipping crampons a lot easier”Xavier De Le Rue.

Xavier De Le Rue with the Spark XV boot.

“Basically the boot is made for riders that love to go outside the slopes but still want to ride within the boundaries of the resort or even to ride park. It’s made for people who want to ride a boot that feels like a real snowboard boot.”Xavier De Le Rue.

DEELUXE have also done a good job when it comes to focusing on the ladies. A solid favourite amongst the team is the DEELUXE Empire Lara Boot, favoured by none other than Swiss rider Elena Koenz.

“I ride the DEELUXE Empire Lara boot. I prefer to ride this boot because I can use it for jumps, rails and pow. It supports my riding and I can count on it when I have to be ready for impacts.”Elena Koenz.

“The Thermo Liner is quite a game-changer for freeriding in terms of temperature, but as well in terms of weight”

Once you’ve managed to find the perfect boot, the process of getting it custom-fitted might sound like a hassle (and probably not all too pleasing on the wallet either). Well, first of all, DEELUXE does offer the Thermo Custom Fitting with all, yes ALL, of their boots. Second, it is ridiculously easy to get the liners custom-fitted as most of the shops that offer DEELUXE boots have the oven for it. Third, it’s not as spenny as you’d expect – you only have to add about €20 to the price if you want the Thermo Flex Liners and another €30 on top of that if you want to go for Thermo Flex Premium Liners. AND if you fail to mould the liners the first time these things can be refitted up to 10 times.

“With the Thermo Flex liner, you personalize your boot to your feet. Customized for you without any pain or pressure points. Before, I’ve spent way too many years trying to find the right boot.”Werni Stock.

“The Thermo Liner is quite a game-changer for freeriding in terms of temperature, but as well in terms of weight. They also dry a lot faster and feel really comfortable.”Xavier De Le Rue.

“I do use the Thermo liner as it’s an extra comfort to wear. The real advantage is for those who have pain wearing normal liners though. Then the individual fitting can really make a huge difference.”Elias Elhardt.

“The Thermo Flex liner helps a lot to make the liner fit perfectly to my feet. Thanks to the Thermo liner the liner is fitted to the form of my feet and there is no extra space for my foot to move around or material to disturb and hurt.”Elena Koenz.

We’re not saying this is a must, especially if you feel like you’ve done a good job finding the perfect fit straight off the shelf. However, most of us do have different sized feet that may be somewhat damaged due to excessive riding or other reasons. If you continuously find yourself struggling to find boots that don’t make you feel pressure points while riding, getting them custom-fitted might save you from future hassle… and pain.

Elias Elhardt with the Deemon. Photo: Theo Acworth.
Werni Stock with the Edge. Photo: Theo Acworth.
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