Once again, we’ve set a tricky picture puzzle for this months Draw the Line. We’ve erased the rider’s line from this image, and we want you to draw it back in. Where do you think this mystery shredder came from? How did he (or she) get there? Who knows. What we do know is that the person who comes closest to the actual line will win themselves a brand new Ride snowboard for their pains.

This month’s winner will get a Ride Antic. A directional board with a medium stiff flex and plenty of pop, this feature’s Rides ‘Low-pro’ profile. Basically that means the nose is lifted while the tail is almost flat, making it perfect for carving, cruising fast down pistes and shredding the kind of virgin soft snow that you can see here. To make this baby yours, either cut out the photo and post it to:

Draw the Line Competition

Whitelines Magazine

Factory Media

1 West Smithfield



Or download it from here and send Photoshop efforts to comps@whitelines.com.