Slideshow Night

10 People, 1 Room, 50 Snowboarding Images.

Intro: Chris Moran

As well as the obvious shared bond of going snowboarding, there are seemingly two things all riders love to do: spout their opinions about the sport, and look at good shots of other snowboarders. So we came up with an idiot-proof scheme. We would get a load of opinionated riders, stick them all in a room, project a bunch of shots onto the wall and record what they said about them. The following several thousand words record their more entertaining thoughts. The beer flowed like wine, the bullshit spewed forth almost as soon as the first shot went up, and on more than one occasion we made a mental note to get some bouncers in for next year’s annual slideshow.

Can you remind us please?

The People:

Ian Sansom
Edited Snowboard UK, edited Document Snowboard, and has shot with every big name pro around.

Ed Blomfield
He is the editor of White Lines, and was responsible for getting the beers in.

Nick Butterfield
Designs White Lines.

Sam Haddad
Editor of Cooler, an action sports magazine for girls.

Hamish Duncan
Ex-pro rider.

Poppy Smith
Asistant editor at Cooler Magazine.

Matt Walder
Event Organizer for The British Championships and British Snowboard Tour

Marcus Chapman
Ex-pro rider and ex-editor of SUK.

Josh Knox
Nike 6.0 media apprentice, budding photographer and filmer extraordinaire.

Chris Moran
Ex-pro rider and current feature writer for White Lines.

Rider: Nicolas Müller
Photographer: Jeff Curtes
Location: Alaska

MC: He’s got quite a claw on him there, that back hand of his.
HD: These kind of shots piss me off…
MC: Hamish you can’t get that angry already! (laughter all round).
HD: But you can’t see where he’s landing, and he’s not even got first tracks.
MC: Yeah he has, he’s just dragged his claw in the snow – that’s what made those tracks.
EB: Can you tell who it is?
MC: It’s Jaws from James Bond isn’t it? (Laughter, followed by a long discussion on who the rider might be and whether no-grabs are any good. Most people seem to agree that it is British veteran Scott Nixon).
EB: It’s Nicolas Muller.
JK: Really?

Rider: Tyler Chorlton
Photographer: Vernon Deck
Location: Ischgl, Austria

MC: That’s got to be Wolle Nyvelt?
JK: No that’s Tyler. He’s on a Bataleon.
CM: It almost looks sarcastic to me. That writing on the rail where it says “Yeah…” seems to be almost mocking.
PS: That’s the Purple Yeah logo in the snow. (A long discussion about the biggest film a UK rider has starred in ensues, with debate about Jamie Nicholls in ‘In Short’ up against Tyler and Danny Wheeler in Purple Yeah.)
EB: It’s a rad trick though. Shifty to backside lipslide. You don’t get many Brits doing that.
CM: And is that a duct tape cast he’s got on?
JK: Yeah. It’s cool eh?

Rider: Andreas Moen
Photographer: Basti Gogl
Location: Montafon, Austria

HD: I can’t see him.
CM: Where is he?
(Ed zooms in on the shot so we can see the rider in the corner)
PS: Wow, that’s going to be quite some compression when he hits the bottom.
CM: Has the photographer tilted the shot a little bit though? To make it look a little bit steeper?
EB: I don’t think so. I mean that’s a dam – they tend to be pretty steep. (Laughter all round).
CM: I like it, it’s a shot that seems to be – I don’t know – dirty?
(Awkward silence – followed by laughter)
MC: Mmmmm… Dirty.

Rider: Shaun White
Photographer: Tim Zimmerman
Location: Nissan X-Trail, Japan

PS: Ooh! I like that!
CM: He is starting to get an iconic sort of look isn’t he?
MC: is that Shaun?
EB: Yeah it can only be eh?
IS: Shaun White is like watching a video game. You know he’s not going to make any mistakes and it’s almost boring to watch.
(The room erupts into argument over whether Shaun’s style is good to watch or whether he’s simply too good)
IS: It’s nothing against his abilities because he’s amazing, but I’d much rather see someone who’s un-predictable because it’s just much more exciting.
HD: He’s just a multi-million pound marketing machine.
(Another argument ensues)
EB: Well I really like this shot because he’s in the spotlight, and it’s such a rock star shot. It would be a really good opening shot for an interview – the title could be “Life in the Spotlight: The Shaun White Interview”
CM: Yeah, if you took out the snow at the bottom that could be anywhere – it could be the Brixton Academy or at a Heart gig that Hamish was at or something. It’s proper rock star.
IS: I’d rather watch Danny Kass ride the pipe that Shaun White.

Rider: Andreas Wiig
Photographer: Nick Hamilton

EB: Right hands up who thinks the skier made it over this kicker?
MC: Look at him! The skier is no way gonna make it.
HD: Is that Andreas (Wiig)?
EB: Yeah it is.
JK: Nah. That skier isn’t going to make it.
EB: I asked the photographer if he makes it so I know. So put your hands up for yes. (Several people put their hands up). And for no (another few put there hands up).
PS: I think he does.
CM: That makes it seven to three for those reckoning he makes it. Ed?
EB: Yeah he makes it.
(Huge cheer for the makers, and a boo from those who didn’t think he would. A long, long discussion follows with plenty of stories of punter skiers going over gaps way too slowly)

Photographer: James McPhail
Location: Chimgan, Uzbekistan

MW: That’s the boys’ trip to Uzbekistan isn’t it?
HD: Look at Gendle filming everything from the corner.
EB: That one on the left is the one they called Roy Keane. (The room erupts in laughter).
NB: He’s laughing at Johno Verity’s hat as well.
CM: He’s probably thinking – “What a tourist.”
MC: It looks a bit boozy there doesn’t it?
CM: Scott (Nixon – top left) doesn’t look like he wants to do any more shots at all. He looks like he’s trying to offer it to the camera.

Photographer: James McPhail
Location: Uzbekistan

MC: Wahay!! He’s done well!
EB: That’s a sign of wealth in Uzbekistan.
MC: You’d think he would have done his bottom three there eh?
CM: Is there anything on the caption that says who this guy was?
EB: No. It’s just some wealthy business man in Uzbekistan. If you’ve got any money there then you basically put it in your mouth.

Rider: Wolle Nyvelt
Photographer: Jeff Patterson
Location: Whitewater, Canada

(Long discussion on who the rider in the shot is…)
EB: It’s Wolle Nyvelt.
CM: It’s got to be Japan hasn’t it?
EB: No. Canada.
MC: Who shot that?
EB: Jeff Patterson.
HD: That’s an amazing shot. The framing, the snow, the base. It all works.
PS: The jacket could have been a different colour than blue to stand out. (There follows a long discussion about one’s jacket colour and how to stand out in photos)
CM: Nick – from a design point, could that have been a cover?
NB: Nah. It’s too complicated. It’s a wicked shot and I think the framing on it is amazing but as a cover it wouldn’t work.
HD: The nice thing about the shot is those blurred trees and as soon as you put something on that like the White Lines logo you’re going to lose that.

Photographer: Jeff Patterson
Location: Whitewater, Canada

JK: Look at that light. It’s like an apparition or something.
MC: It looks like the Eye of Sauron. Is it Sauron’s Kicker? (Laughter).
IS: You’d feel slightly intimidated.
CM: It does look like you could jump through it and end up in another dimension.
MC: It looks like it might burn your clothes off as you go through it.
HD: It’s like a fucking episode of Quantum Leap. I reckon Sam Beckett would fucking shit himself if he woke up fifty feet in the air halfway through a backside rodeo.
(A long discussion follows about what the shaft of light actually is).
HD: Well the guy hiking has turned round, obviously after his mate’s just hit it, and the light has caught the trail of the guy who’s just gone off.
MC: He’s not interested in his mate though is he?
(shouting match over whether someone has just gone off the kicker or not involving many opposing theories)
IS: No way. No photographer would have let that guy in the yellow jacket walk through the shot as the guy was about to go off the kicker.
HD: (Implausable answer coming up). Right. He was hiding behind the tree (howls of laughter) And then what happened was….

Photographer: Patrick Lindqvist
Location: Chamonix

MC: Definitely the Auguille du Midi! Where’s that shot from?
CM: It looks like the café bit.
JK: That’s where that kid jumped from and committed suicide… (Followed by a long horrible story about people dying in Chamonix).
CM: That’s got to be a Dan Milner shot right?
EB: Nah. It’s a Patrick Lindqvist one. I love how the fisheye messes with your perspective. It looks like Middle Earth.

Rider: Desiree Malancon
Photographer: Andy Wright
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

HD: New age!
CM: That looks like an Andy Wright shot.
EB: It is!
(Everyone realises that the shot says ‘Andy Wright’ in the corner. Laughter).
MC: Is that Sara Phillps?
EB: According to the list it’s Desiree Melancon.
MC: Her board looks flippin’ wide. It looks like a 148 wide. I don’t really like that shot.
HD: It’s a bit kitsch.
SH: I really like it. I like what the sign says. It gives the shot a lot of colour.
CM: I like the fact that the kicker kind of looks like a mountain range in the distance. It looks like it’s a huge cliff face but in fact it’s just a small kicker.
JK: Woooooah!
HD: Do you ever see mountain lines in the clouds in Britain?
EB: Next!!

Rider: Mikey LeBlanc
Photographer: Andy Wright
Location: Unknown

MC: Look at LeBlanc! I met him a few years ago and he is tiny. He’s like a leprechaun.
EB: Look at the hand. He’s doing the teapot.
HD: This is his thing now isn’t it? He likes to jump a fence.
EB: Apparently he decided not to do any rails any more because he saw someone nearly die and he thought “nah, that’s enough of that.” And as if this sort of caper is any safer!
HD: Do you remember his section in – ooh I forget the name of the film – but he had that song Barricudor … (Starts singing the song). I fucking love that tune.
CM: By Heart?
HD: Yeah.

Rider: Marc Frank Montoya
Photographer: Andy Wright
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

MC: I’m not sure about all this ‘urban’ stuff. It’s not really that pretty. It doesn’t look that good. And is that just a method over a fence?
(Long discussion follows as to whether he’s simply straight airing the fence or if it’s a still taken mid-spin)
EB: So where does everyone stand on facemasks?
HD: Well if you’re halfway through something and you’re absolutely shitting yourself and your face is all contorted because you’re going “AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!” then if you’re wearing a face mask you can just go “Yeah! Got that one guys, lets move on to the straight airs.” (Laughter)

Photographer: Florent Ducasse
Location: Alaska

EB: Mmmm. Alaskan silk.
HD: Is that from Axel’s film. What’s that called?
PS: Lines.
HD: Yeah, Lines.
MC: That makes you properly wanna ride Alaska.
(A long conversation follows about whether we’d all like to ride down the slope, the conclusion being that everyone would like to give it a go, but there’d be a lot of sideslipping involved.
MC: Put it this way, I wouldn’t want to see a picture of it.
CM: You’d be shitting yourself and on the walkie talkie all the time. “What’s coming up next… it’s cliffing out! It’s cliffing out!”.
HD: “There’s nothing in front of you, just keep going.” (Laughter).

Rider: Billy Neilson
Photographer: Josh Knox
Location: The British Champs, Laax

All: Wooooah!
MC: Oh my god. He knows he’s gonna come up and not remember his name. Ed get rid of that it’s painful.

Rider: Mathieu Justafre
Photographer: Eric Bergeri
Location: Les Deux Alpes

EB: It’s another one of those mad frickin’ acid drops. I like how he blends in with the background. You have to look for him in the shot and when you see him it’s just nuts.
MC: I just think he went the wrong way. I think the photographer said go right and he went left.
HD: That’s fucking mental.
CM: Ed I reckon if you were up there and you were looking over that you’d have a go. I think the perspective on that is a bit skewed. I reckon it’d be a goer.

Rider: Chad Otterstrom
Photographer: Scott Serfas
Location: Breckenridge, Colorado

EB: That’s Chad Otterstrom.
JK: He’s pretty high up with those two speakers.
CM: I don’t like that shot. It looks like he’s stage diving at a Beastie Boys concert or something. But then you look at that shot and you think “what is coming out of those speakers?” It’s a gift if you’re doing the captions.
EB: Oh yeah? Go on then, come up with a good caption.
CM: OK… (Silence)
HD: It’s too set up for me. There’s so much gone on there to make that shot, and it’s shit. What’s that – like five hours work? It’s not worth it.

Rider: Unknown
Photographer: Jesus Fernandez
Location: Unknown

JK: Yeah! Is he gonna land that?
HD: You see the difference between that and the Chad Otterstrom one with the shit speakers that they set up, the lengths they’ve gone too they could have had a shot like that.
EB: It’s not like it’s normal. It’s still very set-up.
HD: Yeah but it works as a shot. It’s man made but it makes a decent shot.

Photographer: Scott Serfas
Location: Standard Films shoot

(Instant Laughter).
IS: That’s a bit smug isn’t it? It’s like he’s saying, “Yeah and I’m really good looking, I’ve got a massive nob and I’m really modest as well.”
EB: He doesn’t need that apostrophe in there either.
MC: Yeah, what’s that it says? “I’ve done one of the best Jobbies in the world?” That means he’s filming himself having a dump. I presume you’ve got the next frame of him having a shit.

Photographer: Hansi Herbig
Location: Folgefonna, Norway

JK: Wahaaay!
MC: Is he gonna make that?
CM: I reckon. He’s gonna clear that easy.
MC: I’ve seen Hamish McKnight bury himself at about that point and absolutely eat shit in the middle of a stream. (Laughter)
CM: Even if he buries his nose there he’s gonna front-flip over to the bank I reckon. I think he’s got it in the bag.
MC: He’s gonna end up in that dog shit at the front of the shot. Look at that squiggle, he’s all over the shop.
(Long discussion about whether he made it across ensues)
EB: I couldn’t tell you to be sure. But I reckon he did.

Photographer: Christian Brecheis
Location: Halifax

EB: Only in England…
NB: I like how it says ‘on the way up’.

Rider: Unknown
Photographer: Christian Brecheis
Location: Halifax

JK: Look at the colour of his face!
(Ed tells a story of how David Benedek went to Halifax and was amazed by the local programme to take young offenders skiing).
MW: That’s how you re-habilitate chavs. Get them out on the skis, and send them full speed at a quarterpipe.

David & Boris Benedek
Photographer: Christian Brecheis
Location: Halifax

MC: Did Benedek bring an umbrella to England? He’s been here before then. (Laughter). Look at the mould on that kicker!
EB: I love how small the amount of shelter is they’re getting from that umbrella. They’re good so long as the rain falls in a dead straight two foot column.

Rider: Stephan Maurer
Photographer: Creager
Location: Unknown

IS: Wow, that’s a seriously dirty shot. That’s like a one-footed board slide at the end of summer or something.
HD: I don’t like it. It looks like a ploughed field.
EB: No way, that’s rad! You don’t get colours like that in a normal snowboard photo. It does look like a ploughed field though I’ll give you that.
MC: Rubbish ploughing.
(Discussion about farming ensues… we’ll spare you the details).

Rider: Dom Harington
Photographer: Natalie Mayer
Location: Canada

CM: Go on Dom. Do you remember that section in Loaded magazine called Porn-a-likes? You could cut Dom’s face out of that shot and put him in some awful situations.

Rider: Unknown
Photographer: John Scarth
Location: Canada

(Yet another lengthy discussion about whether this shot constitutes snowboarding or whether it is too ‘set up’. By this point, a few beers have been sunk and the comments are getting increasingly like those on the TV show Grumpy Old Men)
MC: What I’m saying is that it’s a Mirage.
CM: No way. That’s a Hawk, like the Red Arrows use.
(Another discussion about the make of plane goes on for ten minutes.)
IS: What does it say on the side near the wing?
CM: It says, ‘this plane is a Hawk as used by the RAF Red Arrows Display Team’.
MC: Only the Canadians would let you jib a 20 million pound plane.

Rider: Jacob Koia
Photographer: Danny Zapalac
Location: Whistler, Canada

CM: I don’t know who that is but that is an awful outfit. Fashion crew!! What do you make of that?
PS: He should have gone to Specsavers.
MC: Who took that?
EB: Danny Zapalac.
MC: That’s amazing. Where’s he going? Why is he grabbing his front foot, what’s he wearing that for? It’s not an easJet advert is it?
EB: It’s like he’s dropping off the edge of the world, like in the Simpsons.
MC: I’ve never seen a Zapalac shot that I didn’t like but that’s a shocker.

Rider: Marko Grilc
Photographer: Creager
Location: Unknown

MC: Barrelled!
JK: Woah! That’s cool.
MC: I’ve seen it before though, and done better.
HD: So basically that’s someone above him slashing into the pipe? It’s pretty rad that.
MC: Yeah but it’s been done before. Mind you, he’s got a proper toe-edge bite on the go there.
CM: I like that shot because they’ve basically come across a fuck-off, massive and ice-mangled halfpipe and they’ve thought, “Ok what can we do here?” And they’ve come up with that. (Laughter). Well done, because there was fuck all else on for a photo.

Rider: Andy Monsberger
Photographer: Lorenz Holder
Location: Nanshan, China

EB: This guy has my favourite name in snowboarding – Andy Monsberger! Cos you know the ‘mons’ is the proper name for the female pubic mound. And ‘Burger’, well, er…
CM: Where is that? It looks like a proper Californian sunset. If that’s not California I’ll… er… I’ll give you a quid.
EB: It’s China
(Laughter. Chris gives Ed a quid)

Rider: Stephan Maurer
Photographer: Creager

EB: This shot’s got a bit of a story to it. We were all set to use it as a cover, but then a similar shot appeared in Onboard, taken at sunset. And then ANOTHER angle appeared on the cover of Transworld. Same guy, same spot, same trick, three different photographers! So we were beaten to the punch.
CM: Wow. You see the difference between that shot and the one with the guitar in it? It’s the same trick but the composure of the shot, plus the natural prop in the background – it just works better.
MC: It helps that he’s going about ten times higher too.
CM: That’s true. Yeah check out how high he is. I mean, if you got rid of the chairlift in the background he still looks like he’s right up there in the frame.
MC: With only one foot strapped in to. Go on.
(Discussion follows as to how good one foot riding is, with the consensus being that Nicolas Müller is the kind of one-footed riding and pulls it off fairly well.)

Rider: Nico Müller
Photographer: Jeff Curtes
Location: Alaska

CM: Is there anything else on the go here? Ed what’s happening?
EB: I think it’s just a nose wheelie through powder.
CM: I’m not into that. There’s not enough going on there.
MC: It looks like he’s going for a full on ice-cream headache.

Rider: Devun Walsh
Photographer: Scott Serfas
Location: Backcountry BC

EB: This is Devun Walsh
CM: Wow, that’s pretty cool.
MC: Yeah, that’s way more burly than it looks.
PS: He looks really pasty and a little bit weedy.
MC: He’s not weedy. He’s well buff (Laughter).
PS: Oh yeah?
MC: I hear.

Rider: Seth Huot
Photographer: Andy Wright
Location: Denver, Colorado

(Long conversation about the bird in the shot being reminiscent of a Van Gogh painting.
CM: Wow, we’re getting deep here aren’t we?
HD: It’s lovely, it’s black and white, it’s moody, it’s got a good atmosphere.
CM: He has taken a bit of a stand. It is a bit rude of him to be stood up there saying ‘come on – build me my kicker’.

Photographer: Adam Clark
Location: The Far North

EB: I put this in because I’ve never seen the Northern Lights, and I’d love to go.
MW: My mum’s seen them in Somerset.
MC: In Somerset?
MW: Yeah we get them down there sometimes.

Rider: Logan Short
Photographer: Danny Zapalac
Location: Whistler, Canada

EB: I like this shot because of the colours, but I think he’s messed around with the shot in photoshop to put it through a 16mm wash or something. It’s got a really retro vibe to it.
PS: The colours are good.
IS: I think he’s just got good flashes.
JK: Yeah I’d say he’s really good at putting the flashes in the right places.
MC: The rider’s got quite a long way along there, he’s sliding on that bus all the way to the end.
(Long discussion follows as to whether snowboarding on a bus constitutes real riding etc…)
NB: I just like the style on him. He looks like he’s from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or something.

Rider: Ben Kilner
Photographer: Vernon Deck
Location: New Zealand

MC: Ben Kilner!
EB: There’s the Kildog.
MC: Is that Scotland?
EB: Nah, it does look like Scotland but it’s New Zealand.
CM: Is he going for a Chicken Salad grab there? That looks proper old school. How he’s grabbing his board?
(Shot gets zoomed in on and long discussion as to what he’s grabbing follows).
IS: I tell you what he’s doing – he’s doing a Melanchollie, but with a tweak on his back leg.

Rider: Lukas Goller
Photographer: Basti Gogl
Location: Las Lenas, Argentina

CM: Nah, I’m not a fan of that shot at all.
EB: I like his scarf! And c’mon he’s jibbing a football goal.
CM: Without the flash there that looks like a miserable, grey night out with nothing on. They weren’t gonna get any shots out of that session. It looks like it’s been raining, and there’s fuck all to do. So fair play for them for trying. But I think it’s a shit shot.

Rider: Andreas Wiig
Photographer: Andy Wright
Location: Alaska

HD: Fucking hell! What had he done to get kicked out of the heli? (Laughter).
JK: I like how it’s all Airwolf stylee.
CM: What film is this from?
EB: This’ll be the Mack Dawg film. That’s Andreas Wig.
HD: Have you ever seen the Wiig drink Whiskey? Oh my god, he can put them away.
CM: He is huuuge isn’t he? It makes it hard to understand how close or far away he is from that heli.
JK: Come on, that heli is small in the shot.
HD: Yeah but he is massive! He’s like at least 8 foot tall.
CM: Without the heli that shot wouldn’t really work.
EB: No.
HD: It’s the drama isn’t it? It’s got a lot of fucking drama that shot.
(laughter) …
EB: Next!

Rider: Mason Aguirre
Photographer: Andy Wright
Location: High Cascade Summer Camp

MC: That’s a stroppy pic. There’s a lot of drama going on there…
JK: Is that shot on digi or film?
CM: That looks un-natural to me.
PS: Yeah the contrast looks like it’s been pushed really high.
EB: I think it’s digi. I think they’re all digi.
JK: Is that Mason Aguirre?
EB: See I’ve heard that with digital, people are tempted to push the slider way too high in photoshop to get the grain in the shot. They want it to look like classic black and white film but it ends up looking un-natural
IS: There might be a red filter on that. The main shot’s fine but the rider looks like he’s in a newspaper that’s been cut out.

Photographer: Oskar Enander
Location: X-Games, Aspen-Snowmass, Colorado

MW: For me (Matt helps to organise the Brits), that shot sums up weeks and weeks of preparation, just waiting for the day.
HD: What a waste of time!
(Discussion follows about whether comps are good or bad – the outcome of which is…)
HD: I just wouldn’t want to drop into it that’s all.

Rider: Miika Piikilanka
Photographer: Peter Hasselgren
Location: Unknown

EB: It looks like world war one. Over the top boys!
CM: Or Steve McQueen in the great escape.
MC: Yeah but the effect’s lost a bit by that pick-up truck in the background.
EB: Oh yeah! So there is.

Rider: Matt Standish
Photographer: Jeff Patterson
Location: Canada

MC: Woooaaahh!
HD: Yeah, that’s tiny!
JK: Who is it?
EB: It’s Matt Standish.
NB: We looked at using that for a cover.
MC: That is one mother of a cornice. He must have gone about one mile an hour at that thing.
HD: Yeah you wouldn’t want to approach that thing at mach ten.
MC: It’s a proper steep landing.
EB: He reckons he landed it.
(Discussion continues as to whether he could land that properly).
EB: It reminds me of that Mike Basich shot where he jumped from the helicopter and took the shot himself.
CM: I think the camera has been tilted slightly so it looks steeper than it is.
JK: It does actually look over vert.
HD: It is overhanging.
EB: Why didn’t you like it as a cover Nick?
NB: Well I think there is a lot of white for a cover, and it would be just like this tiny figure on there, and there just isn’t really enough going on in the shot. Apart from the massive 80 foot drop of course. (Laughter).
CM: So the general consensus is that it’s a really good shot though eh?

Rider: Marco Smolla
Photographer: Creager
Location: Engelberg

MC: I like it. It’s 80’s. That guy was just doing a friendly backflip, and his mate got right in the way.
CM: Ed what do you reckon to the shades?
EB: Yeah man they’re a nice bit of kit. Good shades.
MC: It looks a lot stronger ‘cos it’s in black and white.

Rider: Philipp Storz
Photographer: Lorenz Holder
Location: Zugspitze, Germany

CM: That’s not serious is it?
EB: I reckon they’re taking the piss, but it’s hard to know for sure. He is German.
NB: If you needed any more proof that tight pants are gay, this is it.
MC: Check out the bumbag! Brilliant..

Rider: Stephan Maurer
Photographer: Basti Gogl
Location: Rusutsu, Japan

EB: OK Chris this one’s for you. Where do you reckon it is?
CM: Well I’m gonna say Japan now aren’t I? It’s gotta be?
EB: Yeah it is.
CM: It’s amazing. Look at that. That’s a rad shot. It makes you wanna go riding eh?
HD: Amazing.

Rider: Jeremy Jones
Photographer: Adam Clark
Location: Alaska

HD: I’m the king of the mountain. I’m the king of the mountain! Look at him! It could only be one of two people that – it’s either Axel Pauporte, or Stenti (James Stentiford). They’re fucking loving it.
EB: Nah, it’s Jeremy Jones.
HD: Is it Alaska?
EB: Yeah. It has to be.

Rider: Jeremy Jones
Photographer: Jeff Curtes
Location: Vail, Colorado

EB: This is the other Jeremy Jones. What does everyone think of these wall rides?
MC: You’ve got to have proper good style to pull off a good one.
(Long discussion ensues about whether Jeremy Jones is a nob or not, mostly based around him being a mormon).
IS: He painted himself in this massive American flag for a shot and on his board he had a sticker that said “Kill Iraq” or something.
HD: What a dick.
MC: Get the righteous cock off the screen.
HD: Off! Off! Off!

Rider: Unknown
Photographer: Jesus Fernandez
Location: Spain

NB: This is yet another one that was a potential cover.
EB: It’s definitely striking, we thought it might work for the product guide. But I think it looks 90s somehow.
(Huge discussion follows with everyone putting their oar in about whether it’s a good shot or not).
CM: The colours are really nice, but ultimately – come on – it’s a rock fakie.

Rider: Marco Smolla
Photographer: Creager
Location: Unknown

EB: Come on then Hamish, what do you make of that?
HD: I like it. I’d be stoked if that was me.
EB: We used to do them in Tignes. You have to come tanking in, put in your edge and then come flying out the spray. We called them ‘smokescreens’.
IS: It’s like an explosion.

Rider: Marco Smolla
Photographer: Creager
Location: Unknown

CM: See I really like that shot.
EB: It’s the same dude.
HD: It’s a beautiful shot.
MC: Yeah that shot has something.
IS: You can tell from the body position he’s going to land that.
(Argument ensues as to whether he’ll land it).
EB: Well he doesn’t look like he’s panicking that’s for sure.

Rider: Henry Jackson
Photographer: Lorenz Holder
Location: Iceland Park Project

CM: That’s got to be Iceland right?
EB: Yeah.
IS: That’s keen isn’t it? Again, making the most of a shit day. Look at the clouds. There was nothing on.
CM: The only other thing to do on days like that in Iceland is to take a pan, put it on your head, and run in the field next door to the camp where there are birds that will dive-bomb your head. You can go insane up there.

Riders: Stu Edwards & Dom Harington
Photographer: Natalie Mayer
Location: Canada

HD: Check Stu out. He’s having a right old giggle.
MC: Look at Dom’s hand! Look at how camp he’s riding that thing. Look at his hand! It’s unbelievable.

Riders: Nico Müller & Gigi Rüf
Photographer: Creager
Location: Unknown

HD: Rad. That’s a rad shot. You know they’re proper snowboarders.
EB: That’s Nicolas Müller and Gigi Rüf.
IS: So good. Sooooo good.
MW: I really like that shot. Go on the method.

Rider: Unknown
Photographer: Eric Bergeri
Location: Europe, 2007

EB: It’s your classic ‘global warming’ shot.
MC: Look at that. There’s fuck all snow there. Mind you, that’s a pillow line in Scotland. (Laughter).

Rider: Jonno Wood
Photographer: George Powell
Location: Morzine

MC: I don’t really like that either.
EB: It’s Jonno Wood and Posy Dixon.
MC: Nah I don’t really like that.
EB: Not into it?
CM: Yeah I know what you mean. I think the flashes are quite good.
IS: It’s really well lit, but there’s just not enough going on.
EB: The photographer says Burton were thinking about using it for an ad.
MC: Burton would never use that shot as an ad.
(Long discussion as to whether Burton would use it…..)
CM: No, the thing is it’s a great shot, the lighting is fantastic, but it’s not a classic snowboard shot and to pretend otherwise is crazy.

Rider: Darrel Mathes
Photographer: Andy Wright
Location: St Paul, Minnesota

JK: He’s coming 270 off that rail.
MC: There is no way you can tell that he’s about to spin 270 off that rail.
JK: You can. He is.
(Yet another long, protracted argument ensues as to how Josh could tell if someone was about to 270 off a rail. It doesn’t get settled so Ed flicks to the next shot.)

Rider: Heikki Sorsa
Photographer: Pasi Salminen
Location: Northstar, California

HD: Look at the kicker. That’s got to be the states.
MW: He’s got some style on him Heikki Sorsa.
SH: The colours are amazing. They make the shot.

Rider: Dom Harington
Photographer: Natalie Mayer
Location: Fernie, Canada

MW: Dom! Look at him go.
EB: That’s a gnarly bit of rail there.
MW: Isn’t it.
EB: Check out the shopping trolley half buried underneath.

Rider: Jenny Jones
Photographer: Natalie Mayer
Location: Canada

SH: Go on Jenny!
EB: She’s in a league of her own isn’t she?

Rider: Nick Dirks
Photographer: Andy Wright
Location: Unknown

EB: There’s not much I like about this shot apart from it looks like he’s about to cheat death!
HD: I think it’s ugly. All that concrete.
MC: It was a Transworld cover, the issue before last.
HD: It looks like he’s gone up! (Laughter). Like he’s ridden up the kicker, jumped up the rail and looked back giving it the old wobbly knee.
EB: I’m still not sure about that shot.


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